Guide to Choosing the Right Self Storage Unit

This guide will help select the right storage unit for your needs. It will take into the different features offered by most storage facilities as well as price and other overall needs.

You will want to start by figuring out your storage needs. What exactly will you be putting in your storage unit? This is a great time to sort through your belongings. There might be certain items that you will never need or want that you could donate to your local Goodwill instead of paying to store those items. Once you have decided what you want to store, create a list with notes of how large each item is to help you estimate how much space you need. Check out our Size Guide for self storage in Lafayette, CO.

Next you will want to determine if you need temperature controlled self storage or if a standard self storage unit will suffice. Things like electronics and furniture might get damaged if they are not stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment especially if you are in an area with extreme temperature fluctuations.

Security is key. Check and make sure the self storage unit you will be renting is in a well-lit area. Facilities with walled or fenced perimeters as well as access code, gated entrances are also signs that your belongings will be safe. And along those lines look for a clean facility. It shows how much the owners and on-site managers care about the facility and customer experience. Seeing a clean facility with good security features tells you a lot about how your storage experience will be. Online reviews are also another way to help you in your decision making of the right storage unit. Most online platforms have done a good job when it comes to review authenticity. See what people have to say. Every storage facility is going to have some negative reviews but if the storage facilities overall reviews are below 4 star, that can be a red flag and might be worth you reading the reviews. It could be that for the last year or so they have only had 4 or 5 star reviews and the bad reviews were from a while ago so it can be worth digging in and sorting the reviews by most recent to get the best taste for what has been going on lately with customer’s experiences.

There are several other key factors to consider like access hours, location, pricing and additional features. Take your time and do your homework and you will be much more likely to end up at a high quality self storage in Lafayette, CO like Elite Storage.

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