Getting ready for tailgate season

In the year there are the four seasons: winter, summer, fall, and spring but many people forget the best season of all, football season. Football season brings exciting games, parties, tailgating, and nail biting games. There is a lot of good food, laughter, and precious memories made. Tailgating is a super fun aspect of football game day hype. You can get together with your friends and family and enjoy each other’s company as you get ready for the game. 


One of the critical aspects of a tailgate is the food. Food choices can make or break your tailgate. As you start planning your tailgate make a list of everything you think you will want/need. This list should include food, whatever is needed to cook the food, seating/folding chairs, in addition to whatever else you may want. Think about if you are going to be cooking meat, and what kind of grill or heat source you will be using. Pack everything a day or a couple of hours before you are planning on heading over to the stadium parking lot. Then on game day you will not be rushed and will be ready to go. 


The fall weather is very temperamental and football game days can be extremely warm or down pouring rain. Each state has its own typical weather, but everything varies. A sunshade or pop up canopy is a great addition to your tailgate gear. 


Cleaning up your tailgate is the most time consuming part of the tailgating process. Getting those in your group to help pick up cna get you all into the stadium sooner. All of the tailgating stuff needs somewhere to go during the week when you do not need it, and a Temperature Controlled Storage Lafayette unit is the perfect spot to keep everything in one place. 

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