Fun things to do this fall

Fall is finally here! Halloween is just around the corner and the trees are starting to turn their autumn colors. There are so many things to do this fall, all it takes is a little imagination.


Halloween is coming up in a few weeks and it’s not hard to tell. There are dozens of haunted houses, woods, warehouses, and an assortment of other buildings to visit. These are perfect places for dates, hanging out with a group of friends, or even by yourself if you’re feeling adventurous. Some of these places are family friendly and a great place to take your family, but some of them are not. Be sure to check out the haunted place’s website, social media account, or other sources to see their ratings and suggestions. Wherever you go just be prepared to get a good scare.


If haunted houses are not your thing there other fun activities to do, like visiting a pumpkin patch. Go and get a pumpkin and enjoy the various activities at the farm. Many places offer hayrides, play in their corn pit, slides, playgrounds, and corn mazes. These places are very family friendly and everyone can find something to do. 


Fall also brings its many fall scents and flavors which can be enjoyed from a scented candle or more important food. There are a variety of fall inspired foods that are delicious. Pumpkins are cooked with and baked into just about everything, from soup to cookies. Spices are put in many things to spice up the flavor. Apples are coated in caramel or cooked and put into a pie. There are so many delicious things to choose from.


If saying and home and chilling sounds more appealing then going out then find a scary movie and prepare to get scared. Scary movies are available on every streaming service and cable television, and there are a ton of different subgenres to choose from. There are slashers, psychological thrillers, science fiction, dark fantasy, comedy horrors, and many others. Go and dig through your movie collection in your Self Storage in Lafayette CO, and find something good. There is a movie for everyone. 

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