Fun things to do in the summer while still maintaining social distancing

Summer is the time to get out and explore and have fun, but with everything closed or slowly reopening it can be hard to find an activity for everyone. Even though everyone’s options are limited there are still fun things to do.


These activities do not have to be time consuming or expensive. Something as simple as going to your local park can be entertaining and engaging. Some other simple and easy places or things to do are: going on a walk, playing a sport or game outside, go on a bike ride, finding easy hike, making something new for a snack, getting out a board game, teaching kids a game you played as a kid, find a new movie to watch, or find a family friendly television show to watch.


Other fun activities can take more planning and commitment but they can be amusing and entertaining. Go out to a close body of water and spend the day swimming, boating, or making amazing sandcastles. Or go check out some of the local tourist attractions that are open and social distancing. 


There are also a lot of proactive activities that can help kids stay busy and productive during the summer. Take your kids and have them help you go through your Lafayette CO Storage space to keep it clean and orderly, and maybe find some cool things in the process. Many libraries have summer reading programs, to help kids read more often in the summer so they can be more prepared for the start of the school year, this can motivate your kids to want to read. Have them focus on a specific talent that they can practice and get better at. 


But whatever happens that summer, remember that there is always something fun and exciting to do, all you have to do is think of something and do it!


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