Fall is Coming up, is Your Unit Ready?

Fall is here meaning that winter is just around the corner. It is now time to start thinking about storing your things during the cold months. This time of year can be hectic with all the holidays around the corner but do not forget about your storage unit. 


Your storage unit is the perfect place to put all the items you do not want or need during the winter months. Like outdoor furniture, boats, paddle boards, sports equipment, and so much more. This also gives you a great opportunity to declutter. Go through all your rooms and find some things that you can put into your unit. You can put everything you do not want or need in your Storage Units Lafayette CO.


When you are ready to start storing all of your items, keep track of them all on a log. Remember what you put in and take out. Keep in mind that you may have some items that are susceptible to the cold. Plan and pack accordingly with your temperature sensitive items. 


Before you ever add items into your storage unit go in and make sure that everything that should be there is in there. This can also give you an opportunity to do a quick declutter of your unit. Don’t keep stuff that you will ever use and don’t need. 


When you are ready, put your new items in. Make sure you stay organized and write them all into your log. Create a system so you will not misplace items and lose them. The more organized the better. 


If you are looking for a unit to use during the winter months we can help. We offer many options for you to choose from. We will help you find that unit that is right for you. Just give us a call.

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