Don’t forget to spring clean your unit

Spring has sprung, with its cold and warm weather and rainstorms. The change in the weather is a signal it is time to get ready for warm weather and summer. Another thing that is normal during this time is getting your spring cleaning done, which can be a major project to undertake. Going through an entire home takes time and effort, which can be hard to fit into a busy schedule. 


Something that tends to be forgotten when doing spring cleaning is your storage unit. A storage unit is something that you have but tend to forget about, during your everyday life, until you need to pull something out of it. This can lead to your unit not being the most organized or cleanest unit, but luckily there is something you can do to easily fix this problem. In addition to spring cleaning your house, put spring cleaning your storage unit on your to do list. 


Storage units can get cluttered, dusty, and messy over time. Doing an annual cleaning and organization of your belongings in the unit will keep everything organized and ready to be pulled out of storage whenever you need it. This will save you time later on when trying to find one specific thing in your unit. 


You cleaning while through does not have to take all day. Just go through all the boxes, check for any damage, dust everything off, and reorganize your unit in a layout that makes sense to you. Still make sure you take enough time to go through everything that is stored there. This could also be a time to declutter your unit and get rid of anything you do not want to keep anymore. 


Do yourself a favor now and get your Lafayette CO Storage storage unit ready for summer, and all the adventures you will go on. 


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