Don’t Declutter the Sentiment Out of Your Life

Moving is just hard, plain and simple. For those with professions that require regular relocation, life can feel as though as soon as you get settled and the last box unpacked that it starts up all over again. Having gone to 15 different schools during my childhood, I completely understand. Effects of frequent moving can manifest in several different ways in adulthood, and my siblings and I have all sorts of lifestyles that we attribute to how we grew up.

My brother and I are adventurous and love shaking things up every so often. We are more adaptable to changes than our sister and we love to work a crowd at get-togethers. Our sister, as you have probably guessed, is more of a homebody. She struggles with change of any type, hates moving, and new jobs. She has focused her adult life on remaining in the same place and hasn’t moved for over ten years.

Change is great, but sometimes you need a tie to where you’ve been

Even though I enjoy changing my scenery and situation, that does not mean that I love all the ins and outs of moving – sorting, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and organizing that goes with moving though. That might be why I love working at Elite Storage units in Lafayette, CO and helping people in their various transitions.

Simple things matter

One thing that I share with my sister is that I have some possessions that I really am attached to. These hardy treasures have made many moves with me, and I can’t imagine what I would do if they were lost. In fact, I have a special routine to unpack and place them in my new home as soon as possible, What are these highly important belongings, you ask? Both are from my grandparents, who have long since passed on. One is a hard-plastic molded basset hound bank and the other is a white three-legged milking stool upon which I would sit and spend hours with my grandfather while he watched baseball and football games.

Sentimental belongings are important too

If your family moves often or will be moving often, or even if you’re decluttering, it is important to keep a few things that make you and your family members feel at home. This connection to sentimental items allows us to be comfortable with new situations and gives us a tangible reminder of friends and family members.

If you need a place to store your items during a move or other transition, please visit us at Elite Storage, long-time leader in Lafayette storage units.

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