Decluttering your Garage

A garage is often the perfect place to store various items. But what happens when your garage seems to be bursting at the seams and hard to maneuver around. A cluttered garage is a dangerous place to be with potential trip and fall hazards and fire hazards as well. Taking the time to sort and organize your garage is often necessary. Below are some steps to take in creating a safe and organized garage.


Start with Cleaning

When pulling out and sorting through everything you have accumulated in your garage, take the opportunity to clean every surface. You will notice how dusty and grimy your shelving and garage floor has become while storing all of your valuables. Start with a clean slate and wipe down every surface and sweep the floor of any dirt, cobwebs, and debris.


Seasonal Items

As you are going through and sorting items it may help to categorize them by season. For those seasons well off, consider placing those items in a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO. Our units will give you the needed space for those seasonal items that are just sitting in your garage. Such items include decorations, sporting goods, and clothing.


Think Up

While there is limited floor space in a garage, it is often smart to think up. Wall space and even ceiling space can be utilized for organizational storage for those items you often use. Consider hanging your bikes from the ceiling and building shelves along the walls to maximize storage space. Peg boards are the perfect solution to display and organize tools for ease of access.


Consider Insulation

A garage is not often protected from the elements as well as it should be. If your garage does not have insulation, you might want to consider having some put in. The insulation in your garage will protect the items that are more sensitive to temperature change. This will also keep a draft from coming into your home if the garage is attached.



While organizing your garage may take some time, it really should be a priority on your to-do list. By sorting through your items and either tossing, donating, or storing the bulk of what is in your garage, you can claim the space you seemed to have lost over the years. For those items you wish to keep but just can’t seem to fit in your home, a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO is the perfect solution. We can provide you with the security you need for those precious items. For more information about our units and the features and amenities we have to offer, please stop by or call us today.

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