Creative ways to keep your kids room organized

It can be so hard to keep  a kid’s room clean. There are always books, toys, clothes, and trinkets strewn out all over their room. It does not help that kids do not want to clean their room. Here are a few simple things you can do to help your kid keep their room nice and tidy. 


Get your kids involved

Work with your kids instead of supervising. Most kids love it when their parental unit steps in and cleans with them. They will be cleaning and spending quality time with you. They will see you showing interest in them and their toys. If your kids are younger, find little way for them to contribute. Have them sort and fold socks, dust their room, or pick up the toys. This leaves you free to organize their room. 


Have fun containers for their belongings

Many department stores have cute and fun containers for kids to use. Maybe you already have one. Set up these containers in an accessible spot. Find somewhere that has enough room for them to be by. Get with your child and label the containers. There are many DIY’s out there that can help you make some cute labels. This can help your child know where to put things. They can start to have a habit of putting things in the right place. 


Take an inventory of their things

As you are organizing go through all of your child’s belongings and find things that they do not use. Doing this will help declutter their room. There are quite a few things you can do with their excess stuff: donate them to your local charities, find a family friend that will appreciate and use those items, or place them in your Self Storage in Lafayette CO. Other people can then get some use out of something you were not. 

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