Creative ways to decorate your house for Halloween


Spooky Season has finally arrived. An especially fun aspect of this time of year for many is the option to go all out on decorating their porches, front steps, and/or decorate their front yards. Driving around town during October shows that people love to turn their home into either a cute festive fall wonderland or a creepy scene from a movie and/or something creepy. 


When brainstorming ideas for how you want to decorate your house you will want to think of a few things. What kind of setup do you want to have? Do you want something straight out of pinterest with the cute pumpkins, leaves, and cute decoration? Or do you want something that is intended to be scary as children view it on Halloween night. Once you have decided on the type of look you want to have with your decorations you can move onto the next phase.


The next phase of your decoration project is buying or gathering all of your supplies. If possible, find things in your Lafayette Storage Units unit, garage, or home to use so you do not have to spend a lot of money on things you will only use one month out of the year. If doing something scary that requires a mannequin or a person made with clothing stuffed with something, use old clothing no one in your family wears and rake up the leaves in your lawn to stuff the person. 


Once you have everything you need you can do the actual decorating. This part is probably the most exciting as you can see all of your hard work come together in a cool display. Do not forget to take pictures of your setup so you can keep that memory of all the hard work you did, as you will eventually have to take your decorations down. If you have things that can be kept, stored, and used next year, put them in your storage unit. A storage unit is perfect as these things will not be cluttering up your shed or garage. 

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