Book Storage

Having your own collection of books is great but depending on the size of your personal library you may not have enough room space in your home for all of your books. It can be hard to find a place to keep your books as they can get ruined easily. A storage unit can be a great place for you to store all of your extra books. Here at Self Storage in Lafayette CO we offer many units that will keep your books safe. There are some steps you should take before you put your books into storage. 


  1. Before you even start to pack you should first inspect your books. Books can get ruined by either food or liquid damage. Many people like to snack while they read and crumbs can fall onto a book. If left there it can ruin the book. So inspect your books and wipe off any crumbs you may find. This will help your books last longer. 


  1. All of your books should be wrapped individually. You can use a paper towel or other materials to wrap. By doing this you will ensure that all of your books will stay safe. This will help protect your books from anything that may harm them. 


  1. After they are all wrapped you can now gently place them into a storage container. When you go to place them, make sure you place all of your books vertically. This is the best position for your books to be in. 


  1. Now that all of your books are packed you can now drive over to your storage unit and place them inside knowing that they will stay safe and be protected. 


We offer many types of storage units that can store all types of items. If you are interested in getting a unit or just have any questions please give us a call today.

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