Best Baseball Movies for the Family

When we’re not watching our hometown Rockies clean up at Coors Field, we love a good baseball movie! There are so many from which to choose, that it can be tough to just select one! We’re sharing a few of our personal favorites just in case you need a little inspiration in your family flick night. Of course, if you are concerned about content for your family, did you know that IMDB has a robust parental advisory section from which you can see anything from whether there is smoking in a film to explicit sex and nudity? If so, I apologize. I’m a bit slow to the game.

One of the favorite summer traditions amongst the employees at Elite Storage Units in Lafayette, CO is to fire up the grill, grill some dogs, pop a little corn and enjoy our favorite baseball flick.

Oldies, but goodies

Have you watched “The Pride of the Yankees” or “The Jackie Robinson Story” lately, or have your children seen either of them? Too often, we get caught in needing the flash of modern movies, that those that simply tell a good story are overlooked. Of course, if you like musicals, “Damn Yankees” is always a fantastic option.

For younger kids

“Angels in the Outfield” is a feel-good movie for ages 7 and up. There are themes about child welfare services, foster care, loss, and adoption in the film, so if your child is sensitive, it might be better to wait a few more years. “Everyone’s Hero” is an animated film that is full of positive messages for the whole family.

What about the tweenagers

There are two classic cult favorites that really resonate with the 8 to12-year-old crowd – “Rookie of the Year” and “The Sandlot.” Both have some adult language in them, and a disgustingly-iconic scene illustrating the pitfalls for chewing tobacco and then visiting an amusement park. Apart from that, these both should be in the library of any baseball family.

Have daughters?

The mark of a good baseball movie in my book is the ability for non-baseball lovers to enjoy the film as well. Each of these offers something more than just watching for dingers. Any female baseball fan, or women’s history buff will enjoy watching Geena Davis, Rosie O’Donnell, and Madonna join Tom Hanks in “A League of Their Own.” A lesser-known, but still good one is Clint Eastwood in “Trouble with the Curve” which highlights father/daughter relationships through a baseball genre.

Please load us up with the best ones that didn’t make our list here at our Lafayette storage units. We just might have a spare hot dog for you!

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