Avoiding damp boxes and other storage hazards

March weather ranges from nice and warm to wet and cold. These weather conditions are sometimes not favorable when moving things to or from your storage unit. Packing and storage materials like cardboard boxes are susceptible to becoming damp and weak during a rainy day move. Leaving damp materials in a storage unit leads to a host of issues. For instance the belongings inside the box will most likely become ruined having mildew damage. 


A damp item or box will also harm the things that are placed around them. As the dampness can make the other items also slightly damp, spreading the damage. If you notice anything that is not normal when putting your boxes into your unit investigate and find the source of the dampness. Doing this will keep your other belongings safe and in good condition. 


Another common cause of damage is having items that contain particles of food. This could be a spill or stain on a shirt or some crumbs accidentally fall into one of your containers. These situations can potentially lead to small pests getting into your belongings. When this happens everything they get into will most likely have at least a bit of damage. 


Some things should never be stored in a unit, as it is simply not a great place to keep certain things. This list of things includes but is not limited to: any type of food, volatile technology, something containing gas, any living thing like pets or plants (even if it is only for a couple of days), and any sort of chemical solution. All of these items are likely to draw pests to them or cause damage to your items with just that one item. 


Keep your items safe and secure at your Lafayette CO Storage storage unit by following these suggestions, and do not worry about them getting damaged. 


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