Add a Little Christmas to Your Social Distancing

We’re certainly in a strange place, aren’t we? The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked measures that are unprecedented with global implications. If you’re like most people, during this time, you’ve probably been on a social media outlet and seen some of the things that others are doing to pass time and lift their spirits. From the little dog that sprained its tail from hours of vigorously wagging it in elation since its people were home, to all of the virtual visits to Disneyland. There’s no doubt about it, people are creative and bored. As a way to try and lift my family’s spirits, I took inspiration from a radio station that decided to go to its Christmas music for 24 hours in an attempt to lift listeners’ moods. 

The idea, like so many that come to me in a flash, was simple, and influenced by one of my favorite songs, “We Need a Little Christmas.” For context if you aren’t familiar with the song, it comes from the show, “Auntie Mame” with or the 1974 movie, “Mame.” The family is going through crises after crisis after the great stock market crash, and in an effort to raise spirits, decide to celebrate Christmas a little early. ( 

I dashed to work and grabbed my Christmas decorations from Elite Storage Units in Lafayette CO. I needed to add gifts to the celebration, so I decided to go the white elephant variety and find random do-dads for the most part, it was a throw together celebration. I didn’t want my kids to know about my plans, so I planned to do this all after they’d gone to bed. I had a few gifts that I had put aside for Easter and they were quickly repurposed.  

The day (night) came and I got to work, setting up the tree, decorating it and playing Santa. It didn’t take too long, and I went to bed, anxiously waiting for the morning. It went off like a hitch and the kids were over the top in their enjoyment! All in all, the day was spent as we normally spend Christmas Day, except the visit to grandparents of course. 

What have you done to lift your spirits during this time? Please share with us – we’re all in this together. After this has passed, and it certainly will pass, please come see us and check out our leading temperature controlled storage in Lafayette. 

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