4 Tips for New Parents for Their Baby Registry

Having a baby is amazing! As you prepare for baby’s arrival, there is a ton to do, buy, and prepare. So many things are advertised as must-have items, and moms-to-be can quickly be overwhelmed with the choices. In an effort to help you save time and money, this is what I came up with while brainstorming at Elite Storage units in Lafayette, CO.

Avoid the “simplify and expensive” trap

Have you seen a formula mixing machine that looks like a high-end coffee maker? Really – who can’t pour a few scoops of powder into a bottle, add some warm water and shake it up?

Simply put, there are a lot of trap products that take up space, are expensive, and are not really needed. Heck, if you are bottle feeding, count the vigorous shaking of the bottle into your cardio for the day and spend your money on the formula itself, which is expensive enough as it is.

Look for double duty for everything…

Bouncer chairs gently vibrate and allow baby to rest are great. These are versatile, can be used for the early introduction of solids and portable, making them a must-have in my book. It is important to follow safety guidelines, such as weight requirements, never putting the bouncer on a surface other than the floor, discontinuing use if the baby can sit unassisted, and not allowing a baby to stay in the seat unattended to sleep.

Car seats and strollers are absolutely necessary. Since most people want a portable infant carrier style seat for the early days, and often, you can save by bundling this purchase with a stroller, called a travel system. The above safety guidelines are the same as for bouncer chairs, with the added need for the car seat to be used correctly.

…Except maybe for this

A huge marketing point is a crib that can convert into a toddler bed, headboard, etc. If you are certain that you are going to only have one child, this is a great idea. However, for families who plan on having even one more child, this may not be your best bet. You can often find cribs that are less expensive, and allow your child’s bed journey to go through several, less expensive options as s/he grows. Drop-side cribs are now illegal to sell, and their use has been strongly advised against due to the risk of strangulation and death. Crib bumpers should not be used in any case either.

To swing, or not to swing           

The infant swing has long been a staple in any registry, hailed as heaven-sent for tired parents of colicky babies. Some parents emphatically swear that their children will not sleep anywhere else, and that certainly can be the case. Doctors recommend that babies not remain in the swing for long periods of time, as the angle at which they are sitting is one that they cannot safely maintain and puts them at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Many families find balance with using the swing as needed and directed, and always supervising their child when they are in the swing.

If you have additional tips, please stop in and see us at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO.

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