3 Tips to Help You Have a Rockstar Garage Sale

Anyone who casually mentions having a garage sale in passing conversation simply has never actually held one, or at least a super-successful one. The way that I look at it, if you’re going to do something, go big, and hosting a garage sale is no different. Having had my fair share of garage sales that went anywhere from flops to being highly successful over the last few decades, I have a few tips that can help you shortcut the learning process.

While we can easily store your items in one of our Lafayette storage units, some things are best passed along rather than stored. Before you start setting up, designate a charity to which you can donate anything that doesn’t sell at your sale.

Plan, plan, and plan some more

You need to act with purpose to have a successful garage sale. As such, deciding that you want to have a garage sale on Thursday for the following weekend is not going to work.

Designate an area with a box (or ten) in which you will collect your garage sale items, well in advance. As you see items that you want to include in your garage sale, put things into this box. If you want to be a real pro, dust/clean it, as well as price it at that time. This brings us to – supplies.

You will need price tag stickers, pens or markers, spare batteries, change and cash box, tables or other display items, sign making goodies, and a table/chair for you. If you are able to price your items as you go, you will have a lot less to worry about when you are setting up.

Advertise and organize

Some areas have a community group/page on social media, or offer to advertise garage sales for little to no cost. If your neighborhood has a neighborhood sale, consider and plan your sale at the same time. You will get more traffic and the benefit of free advertising. Grab some brightly-colored poster board and markers and make bold signs to hang.

I use my garage as a staging area and set everything up on long tables the week before my sale. Make signs, price items, and put them out. That way, the early set up is as easy as carrying tables out to the driveway/lawn and your early birds (and you will always have a few) won’t be as much in the way. If I have several of the early birds, I have offered them a free item or discount if they help me set up. You’d be amazed how they jump to help!

Price it right and have adequate change

I start with about $100 of change, with the bulk being in $5 and $1 bills. If you don’t want to deal with coins, consider pricing with nothing under $1. Putting children’s toys/books/clothes for 2 or 3 for a dollar can help things move. While it is tempting to look at our items and want to price them higher since we paid full price for them, remember that you are trying to clear things out. Anything sold is money found. You’re planning on donating what’s left, aren’t you? Let items go at a decent price and enjoy your added windfall.

Make sure that you treat your family to a pizza for garage sale day! If you have items that you want to store, please visit our Lafayette, CO storage units at Elite Storage.

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