3 Simple Ways to Destroy Your Stuff While in Storage

When you are getting ready to store items for an extended period, taking several steps can help prevent problems inherent to so doing. On the other hand, so many people work hard to be the best (worst) at storing their stuff, so we’re taking a few tips to help you be at the top of your game, no matter which way you want to go.

Whether you are storing in a shed, storage room, or at a professionally-managed storage facility, like Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO a little pre-planning can go a long way to keep your items in great/awful condition. There are three enemies to stored items – poor air circulation, moisture, and pests.

Poor air circulation

You’ve seen them, those super-sized storage bags that seal your stuff by sucking out all of the air, maximizing your storage space capacity. Did you know that these can harm your possessions by not providing enough air flow? For clothes, bedding, towels, etc., this can be quite harmful; if there is any moisture left in the cloth (and there will be), everything will mold and mildew, creating, at best, the nasty storage mildew-y smell, or, at worst, ruining your clothes, etc. with an outbreak of mold.

For those seeking to ruin their stuff, either pack in flimsy cardboard boxes or in a ton of those expensive vacuum-sealed bags! You’ll be a legend!


Even in the dry climate of Colorado, there is enough humidity that can damage your items during long-term storage. You should pack your items with silica packets (like from shoes, vitamins, etc.). You can also set an open bucket of charcoal or kitty litter in the center of your storage unit to reduce humidity. These should be changed every six months or so to be most effective. Some people prefer to use one of our temperature controlled storage units for their items that are more valuable.

To really be effective in your quest to ruin your stuff – pack everything moist and never use dehumidifying tools.


No matter how hard we try to keep your items safe, there are those pesky little creatures that can be attracted to your items. There are sure-fire ways to attract pests into your storage unit. If you really want to bring them in, put food, medications, food stained boxes (like those with residue or grease stains) into your storage unit. Don’t wash anything and leave it all to set for years on end. You know that toaster that you are storing – that is a great way to make sure that you get hungry little pests into your unit. Don’t dump the crumb tray. You should put it in storage with all of those yummy crumbs! You will be the most popular unit in the place – with vermin, that is.

You can take simple steps to protect your items while they are at our facility and doing so will pay great dividends when you come to collect your stuff and find that everything is intact and just how you left it.

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