15 Last-Minute Ideas for Mother’s Day

That time of year is rolling around again – the time that we thank our mothers for all that they have done for us. TV ads abound on all of the things that you can purchase for Mom, most of them on the high-end side, price wise. It’s understandable, really, since who can put any material gift as a token of all of the things that she has done for you through the years, right? Salary.com reported in January, 2019 that a stay-at-home parent would draw a salary of $162,581 annually with an average work week being 96 hours.

We love our moms here at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO, but sometimes struggle with finding the perfect gift. We have some ideas for those who might be in the same spot as we are.

Ideas for the mom who has everything

Mom says that she doesn’t want or need anything, and she has it all because she has you for a kid, right? I mean, who could want more?

  1. Do the cooking and cleaning up so that she can take a break
  2. Kraft is offering to pay for a babysitter – up to $100 to give mom a break, even when she insists that she doesn’t need/want it. (http://kraftmothersdayaway.com/Notification/ComingSoon)
  3. Buy mom her favorite movie and watch it with her
  4. Get family portraits taken
  5. Play video games together
  6. Do a family MadLib about her
  7. Find the 1st edition of her favorite book
  8. Make a scrapbook or digital slideshow of old family pictures
  9. Re-create iconic photos from your past and give them to her
  10. Does one your siblings live out of state? Get them back to see Mom as a surprise.
  11. Go on a hike or picnic to Mom’s favorite spot
  12. Get a new game for game night
    1. Cooperative – Pandemic
    2. Card game – Exploding Kittens
    3. Strategic – Blokus
    4. Eclectic, art lover, or likes to relax – Tokaido
  13. Buy ad space on a digital billboard and wish her a happy mother’s day. Don’t use her passport or driver license photos though!
  14. Plant her spring garden
  15. Volunteer as a family to support a cause that she’s passionate about

No matter what works for your family, taking time to celebrate mom is always a great idea. From all of us at Elite Storage, a long-time provider of Lafayette CO storage units, Happy Mother’s Day!

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