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Wednesday, 08 August 2018 00:00

Decorating your Kitchen on a Budget

When your budget is tight you might think it is impossible to decorate and organize your kitchen on a budget. With the help of a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette and the tips listed below you can have the kitchen of your dreams.

The Pantry

Our pantries are often overflowing with a variety of boxes, jars, and cans. To better organize our pantries you will want to try and get the majority of items in similar sized jars or boxes. Leftover food jars are the perfect solution for storing dry pastas and rice. You can also use magazine racks to keep your canned food under control. Don’t be afraid to be creative and do what works best for you.

The Fridge

In order to maximize your fridge space you could use a Lazy Susan on several shelves. This will allow you to fit everything you need to in your fridge while still having an easy way to grab what you need. For larger items you can use plastic containers that you can buy at any home goods store to keep your foods separated, contained, and organized.

The Cupboards

The amount our kitchen cupboards are expected to store can be a little scary. You can maximize the available space by adding hanging hooks on the cupboard doors for small kitchen accessories. Investing in a pan organizer is the best when it comes to storing your cookware. You can use your pan organizer vertically or horizontally in the space you have available in your cupboard. Adding additional shelving within your cupboards is another option when it comes to maximizing storage space. Wire shelving is relatively cheap and easy to use. Store your out of season dishes in a storage unit at Elite Storage to give you even more space in your cupboards.

The Drawers

Drawers tend to be the messiest area in the majority of kitchens. Rather than just throwing your utensils in a drawer, you can keep everything organized by making custom dividers to fit all of your kitchen accessories. These can easily be made using left over cardboard, or if you are not feeling crafty they can be purchased at most home goods stores.

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018 00:00

Items that don't belong in your Bedroom


Your bedroom should be your place of tranquility and relaxation. You can’t relax in a cluttered mess. If your bedroom has been serving as a make shift storage unit you need to reevaluate your storage options. A storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO can help you to get rid of the clutter. For further organization tips we have compiled a list of items you shouldn’t have in your bedroom.


A Makeshift Office

Putting a desk in your bedroom is just a bad idea. Your bedroom shouldn’t be a place to work in, rather it should be a place to relax in. Office spaces can easily become cluttered and that clutter can easily spread to other areas of your bedroom. Instead you will want to put your desk in a different area in your home.


Random Items and Trash

Gather all loose papers, piles of things, and items without a home and filter into what needs to be donated, tossed, and stored. Random items and trash should not build up in your bedroom. Getting rid of the items that don’t belong in your room can help you to create the clean and organized bedroom you need. Make it a point to not leave trash in your bedroom as well. Keep a small wastebasket in your room and empty it often.


Clothes you Don’t Wear

Clothing can take up a lot of space in your bedroom. The best thing you can do is get rid of the clothes you don’t wear any more, that don’t fit, or that are out of season. Placing them in your storage unit at Elite Store in Lafayette, CO can free up a lot of much needed storage in your bedroom.


Stacks of Books and Magazines

If you are an avid reader then you are bound to have piles of books and magazines laying around. The one place they shouldn’t be is in your bedroom. It is best to just keep the book you are currently reading on your nightstand. Everything else should be kept in your office or in your living room on a bookshelf.


Removing the items listed above and placing them in a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO will help you in the process of creating a clean and organized bedroom you can truly relax in. For more information regarding the units we have available call our office today.




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Trying to sort, store, and organize your wardrobe with a closet is hard enough, now your new space doesn’t come with the closet you need. There is no need to worry. With the use of a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette. We can store the clothing and accessories you just don’t wear or that are out of season. Below are some storage tips for you to try with a small bedroom with no closet space.


Under the Bed Storage

You have a few options when it comes to utilizing the available storage space under your bed. You can go with the plastic storage totes that are made to fit under your bed. Or you can use a storage savvy platform that sits under your mattress. It's the perfect spot for storing sweaters you usually throw on shelves.


Stylish Shelving

In cases like this you will be left with finding different storage and closet organization methods. Try using shelving in a creative way. Whether you use floating shelves, book shelves, or even open shelving, you can create a cute and functional closet space.



Wardrobes are just as handy as traditional closets and can even make a statement in your room. If you are lucky enough to come across an old one at a garage sale you can revamp it and make it your own. These are the perfect solution when it comes to lacking in necessary closet space.


Store Vertically

Now is the time it get into the habit of thinking vertically. Invest in tall shelving units and storage solutions that take up the least amount of floor space. You can easily throw in a stylish rustic ladder to store your shoes, sweaters, or to help you reach the top of your highest shelf.


Just because you are left with a small room with no closet space doesn’t mean you need to give up hope on having a clean, stylish and organized bedroom. With the ideas listed above and a storage unit at elite storage in Lafayette you can have the storage solutions you need.

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