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Are you thinking about relocating to the Denver area? Wondering where to set up stakes? One of the best places to do so is in Lafayette, just north of the Denver metropolitan area. Here at Elite Storage, a leading Lafayette, CO storage facility, we’ll admit, we’re biased, but with good reason. Colorado is the best place to live!

What about the area in general?

Since Lafayette is just north of the Denver metro boundary and inside the Boulder metro area, as defined by the United States Census Bureau, we’ll dive into a little about both the Denver and Boulder metro areas. The Denver metro area is one of the largest in the Unites States, being the 17th largest. Often called the Front Range, the area boasts good weather, with sunny days for an average of 300 days of the year. Residents are some of the healthiest in the country, with a plethora of outdoor activities supported by the geographical features. Biking, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, hiking/walking, etc. are each readily available, and the Rocky Mountains are within about 30 to 45 minutes from wherever you are in the area.

The Boulder metropolitan area is comprised of Boulder County which includes Lyons, Allenspark, Nederland, Louisville, and Lafayette. Lafayette has a population of roughly 25,000 and is rated highly by independent sources for its schools, cost of living, the percentage of college-educated residents, and outdoor space and walkability scale. Being that the area is closer to the mountains; residents have spectacular views of the prominent Flatiron Mountains.

What about the weather – 300 days of sunshine?!

This is one of the things about Colorado that most Coloradoans would prefer stays just that – a secret. Sure, there are spectacular snowstorms that blow through the area, sometimes dropping several inches of snow. For many of these storms, the sun is shining the next day and the world becomes a bright and clear. While some areas try to boast better snow than Colorado, truth is, they really don’t deliver.

OK, I will be moving to Lafayette, so what else should I know?

Since finding your dream house may not be complete before you move, sometimes new residents need to put a few items into storage. Since the temperature range in this area can shift drastically – remember what we said about snow/sun, finding a good temperature controlled storage facility in the area if you need a storage unit is a good plan. We strongly recommend putting your antiques, valuables, musical instruments (especially pianos) into a climate controlled unit until you are all settled.


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Storage units are extremely helpful when looking to de-clutter one’s home or when one runs out of space. They have numerous benefits, but to make the most out of them, they have to be as organized as possible. Without a proper arrangement, one will not only find it difficult to keep track of items, but will also waste a lot of space in their Lafayette Storage Units. To make things easy, the following steps can help in organizing one’s space;


Demarcating different zones for different items from different rooms will make it easy. Most of the time, items from on area will need to be place together because of their nature. For instance, kitchen appliances are normally fragile and prone to damage, and must therefore be stored in one area. Smaller items that are likely to get lost within the rest of the stored belongings should also be kept together.


It might seem over the top, but creating a layout on paper might help. Plot the layout on a sheet of paper, then note where everything is stored. The different zones created can be marked on the sheet of paper such that a record of where everything is stored is available. One could go as far as numbering the different sections, with lists of what is contained in different boxes. Needless to say, keep the layout safe as it will help with unloading and finding different stored items.


Apart from the demarcation and drawing of layouts and plans, it helps to label the boxes themselves. There are different ways to label boxes, but it helps to have them easy to read. Use a permanent marker on the box, or label a card and stick it onto the box. Whatever the technique chosen, make sure they will be readable through the duration of the storage. Also, mark the outward facing sides to help with easy identification when they are stacked on top of one another.


When one has different sized boxes, the need to stack up boxes will probably have them fitting in awkwardly sized boxes in with the normal shaped ones. Choose sizes that can be easily lifted, and that can easily be stacked and remain stable. The loading and unloading should not be a struggle, and should not be unsafe, both for the unit tenant and the items in storage.

At Elite Storage, we will have experienced experts available to help with the arrangement and organization of the unit. Call us to experience quality self-storage services today.

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Self-Storing a Vintage Vehicle

Vintage vehicle owners will confess that these are some of their most valuable belongings, both in terms of monetary value and sentimentality. Still, sometimes one wants their garage full of functional vehicles, and might be forced to find alternative options for Self-Storage in Lafayette CO their vintage collection. A storage unit immediately comes to mind, but how does one make sure their vehicle remains in the best shape away from their garage where they can keep a constant eye on it?

Here are some helpful tips;


One of the most destructive natural elements to vintage cars is moisture. One of the ways to reduce the effect of his on the vehicle, especially when the storage period is going to be long, is to have the gas tank full. A full gas tank prevents the formation of moisture in the space in the gas tank, and prevents the sediment that forms at the bottom of the tank to move along the fuel line. Use fresh, high octane fuel and consider adding fuel stabilizer.

Jack the vehicle

This seems unconventional, but jacking the car up actually helps when it comes to adding longevity. This is a trick that works as much at home in one’s garage as it does in a self-storage unit. Jacking the car reduces chances of flat spots, and relieves the suspension of duty. Considering how fragile most vintage vehicle suspensions are, when it does not have to support the entire weight of the car, it will last longer.

Oil change

This seems obvious, but is worth stating that oil changes should not be delayed. Old oil is full of corrosives and water, and this can lead to rust and bearing failure. Depending on how long the car is to be left in storage, it might be prudent to remove the spark plugs.

Wash the car

Make sure the car is thoroughly washed. The aesthetic appeal of the car is as valuable for the vintage vehicles as the interior and performance. Make sure the car is thoroughly washed to protect the paint, Remove especially any salt and road debris, and have the car dried thoroughly before driving it into the storage unit. It might also be helpful to apply a protective coat of wax.

Most of the time, there are many options available for storing vintage vehicles, but it is important to go with experience. At Elite storage, we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts and state of the art facilities. Contact us to have your vintage vehicle stored safely.

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Considering the many things out there that can and cannot be stored, and then which items you might want to safeguard with extra precautions might be the last thing on your mind. However, when invited to make use of the temperature controlled storage in Lafayette, you consider how this might benefit you. You might also wonder what exactly youd need the temperature control for? What can you store inside this unit that might benefit from having this type of service?

Items You Should Use a Temperature Controlled Unit For

There are many items you should use a temperature controlled unit for. With everything from the biggest items, to the smallest and those in between; protecting the items that you have should be a priority when it comes to choosing storage solutions that fit your needs and wants. Consider all of these options.

Photos, Cameras and Other Papers or Mementos

Wooden or Leather Furniture


Special Collections, Stamps, Coins and Items of Worth

Comics and Other Books


Musical Instruments


Business Items, Paperwork and Other Machinery


Crafting Items Including Machinery

Clothing and Other Cloth Items

Antiques or Any Other Old Items That Have Already Seen Wear

When you use a temperature controlled unit, youre better able to keep mold, mildew, frost and extreme heat away from these items that can become ruined if you choose a unit that is not controlled. Living in an area where the heat or the cold becomes a problem can mean that you should consider the benefits of being able to use a unit that provides a temperature control. This steady temperature will keep all of your items safe, in great condition and of course, allow them to hold their value. It is a small extra charge for this type of unit, but it can be well worth it when protecting your personal belongings.

Elite Storage provides temperature controlled storage in Lafayette to those that are looking for a way to keep their belongings safe and sound. Through the use of the units that they provide, you have many sizes to choose from, all that are inside a facility that regulates the heat and cool air so that the items are within a normal room temperature range. Make use of this, for the sake of your personal belongings and their well-being until youre able to grab them once again. Elite Storage has you covered.

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Do you require a temperature controlled storage rental unit in Lafayette, CO? One of the primary issues regarding placing household objects inside a self storage rental unit is what type of condition your items will be in when it is time to retrieve them. As early as the1990s, an increasing number of self storage units are becoming outfitted with a new idea, particularly temperature controlled storage units. Naturally, a considerable amount of household belongings do not need temperature controlled storage attention, but there are lots of objects that do.
Weather will differ from one portion of the place to another, from excessive humidity to excessive dryness. These weather conditions can ruin certain belongings in Lafayette, CO. The main problem of storing items is what is known as "biological contaminants." Below are the five primary contaminants that can find their way straight into a self storage unit and damage personal items:
•    dust mites
•    bacteria
•    viruses
•    mildew
•    mold
Keeping your belongings in a temperature controlled storage unit in Lafayette, CO will prevent these from causing, along with other harmful factors such as future health concerns, wood degradation, musty odors, and paper rot. The additional cost of reserving one of these storage units is definitely worth every penny later on. Here is a list of household belongings that are typically temperature-sensitive and susceptible to damage.
Paper Items, Paintings, Artwork, and Books - Something that is made from paper can give in to paper rot if exposed to constant humidity. Pages will stick together and even curl up, plus the print will possibly "bleed" on the page. And if a painting or the pages get covered in mold and mildew, they will all be damaged.
Fabric and Clothing - Fabric doesn't do well when in contact with mold and mildew, and if subjected to moisture, it can become coated in mold and mildew. Keep them placed in a warm, dry temperature and they will thank you for it and serve you for a lot longer. In addition, ensure that whatever garments you store in size boxes are completely free of moisture.
Electronics - Mainly because electronics are extremely responsive to moisture, they require a temperature controlled storage unit. The most effective way to destroy a form of electronic device is to let moisture get into it. Individuals that reside in seaside locations, the Midwest, and the Deep South are specifically subject to extremely humid temperatures. With electronic devices, they should be shielded against extreme cold and moisture. With this in mind, being able to store these types of items in a unit that is both warm and dry is an excellent idea.
Wood Furniture and Upholstered Items - Extreme changes in temperature do more harm to wood furniture and upholstered items than you can think of. Antiques are particularly vulnerable to damage from excessive moisture or dryness. The wood will start to rot and the molds and mildew will buildup in the antique. Mold and mildew have a discoloration result and can damage wooden furniture or upholstered items. It can also result to serious health concerns as well. If the self storage unit is too wet or too dry, wood can warp or crack, damaging your wooden furniture. Asthma attacks and allergic reactions are easily induced by mold and mildew as those that aim for the human respiratory system.
The main point here is that if you wish any of these kinds of belongings making it through self storage, you may want to think about the long term savings by shelling out extra money on a temperature controlled storage unit in Lafayette, CO.