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Trying to sort, store, and organize your wardrobe with a closet is hard enough, now your new space doesn’t come with the closet you need. There is no need to worry. With the use of a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette. We can store the clothing and accessories you just don’t wear or that are out of season. Below are some storage tips for you to try with a small bedroom with no closet space.


Under the Bed Storage

You have a few options when it comes to utilizing the available storage space under your bed. You can go with the plastic storage totes that are made to fit under your bed. Or you can use a storage savvy platform that sits under your mattress. It's the perfect spot for storing sweaters you usually throw on shelves.


Stylish Shelving

In cases like this you will be left with finding different storage and closet organization methods. Try using shelving in a creative way. Whether you use floating shelves, book shelves, or even open shelving, you can create a cute and functional closet space.



Wardrobes are just as handy as traditional closets and can even make a statement in your room. If you are lucky enough to come across an old one at a garage sale you can revamp it and make it your own. These are the perfect solution when it comes to lacking in necessary closet space.


Store Vertically

Now is the time it get into the habit of thinking vertically. Invest in tall shelving units and storage solutions that take up the least amount of floor space. You can easily throw in a stylish rustic ladder to store your shoes, sweaters, or to help you reach the top of your highest shelf.


Just because you are left with a small room with no closet space doesn’t mean you need to give up hope on having a clean, stylish and organized bedroom. With the ideas listed above and a storage unit at elite storage in Lafayette you can have the storage solutions you need.

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