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Thursday, 14 February 2019 00:00

You Might Need a Storage Unit If …

Do you remember these fun lists? Since we are uniquely concerned with safely storing stuff at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO, one day for fun, we sat down and thought of a few of our own.

So, you might need a storage unit if …

You can’t put your car in the garage.

Your junk drawer has grown up and become a junk room, floor, etc.

You can’t fit any more clothes into your closet and you have a clothes basket organizational system.

There isn’t room for your storage bins, boxes, etc., so you stack them, throw a large sheet over them, and pretend that you got new furniture.

You’ve tried the Kondo method and all that gives you joy is ice cream from the freezer. Everything else is headed to the trash.

Your bookshelves are so packed that you don’t have room for any more books. Well, go ahead and pack up something that not’s so great and get another bookshelf or two … or three.

Your clown collection in the spare bedroom has your entire family freaked out and your mother in law won’t come visit for the holidays. But, wait….

You have so many pathways through a storage room that it looks like a maze and you feel like a lab rodent searching for cheese whenever you go into it.

And so on.

With all of the gimmicks about being minimalist, there is a silent shame that comes with having too much stuff. The minimalist/tiny house trend has captured the imagination of many and even created a stuff shaming cultural mentality. While it’s true that many people are overburdened with possessions, there is never a one size fits all solution.

So, for those in Boulder County, Colorado who are looking for an extra, safe place to keep their excess possessions, please come visit Elite Storage units in Lafayette, CO. We promise to help you with everything except the clown dolls, ‘cuz those are just creepy!


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As a parent who is sending kids off to their new university dorms or apartments, I wanted to make sure that they had the tools to be able to keep their lives organized and to maximize their small living space. As we’d done this a time or two before with older children, we knew the whole spiel and the lack of storage space in the dorms.

Labels can be your friend

As one of my daughters has an Autism Spectrum Disorder, we learned that she needed order in her things so that she could maintain a level of calm. As such, we purchased a small label maker from the office supply section of our favorite mass merchandiser. Sure, we could have done chalkboard paint, calligraphy, color coding, micro chips, but that took more time, money, and effort than what we wanted to deal with. Basic and simple, the label maker came to the rescue.

Curtain and/or shower curtain rods rule

As the area on the walls needed a way to be utilized, we went with creating hanging storage space with a basic cheap curtain rod attached to the wall. She could use it much like a towel rod. She also used another that we threaded shower curtain rings onto to hold her scarves, necklaces, and other odds and ends.

We created another level for hanging clothes in the closet with a shower curtain rod hung at a lower level. This worked well, but she needed to remember that it was not going to hold a lot without bending. Not that she put heavy coats, etc. and broke it or anything!

Know when to throw in the towel and get professional help

In spite of our best attempts to maximize her space, we simply did not have enough room for her belongings. After much thought and some rather comical MacGyver-esque attempts to find a place for everything, we decided that we needed professional help. No, we weren’t able to bring Mac out to fix the problem; we settled on the next best thing – we looked for storage in Lafayette, CO, exactly halfway between school, and home so that she could swing by on her way home for weekends to do laundry, etc. We’re not rookies at this college thing; we knew that she’d be bringing laundry at least a few times per month.

Of all of the nearby storage units, we decided on Elite Storage. For starters, they laughed at our stories and failed attempts to MacGyver-ize the room. Other than that, they were accessible, reasonably-priced, and offered temperature controlled storage.


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Storage units are handy to create some more room when you’re moving, organizing, or downsizing. With all of the benefits of using storage in Lafayette CO, there is a chance that you might be inviting unwanted pests into your unit.

Management takes reports of a pest infestation very seriously and works with professionals to try to keep your items safe and pest free. Since the units are locked and pests can move in quickly, quick identification is critical when trying to stay ahead of the problem. The following steps are recommended to prevent damage to your goods.

Check your unit regularly

The simplest way to protect your items is the one that is most often missed by renters. While it is nice to not have to worry about your excess items in storage, regular inspections can help you determine if pests have gotten into your unit. Your inspection should include looking for rodent droppings, insects inside the unit, or visible gnaw marks on your furniture, cords or boxes. Reporting pest sightings immediately can help reduce the damage to your items.

Seal all items well in proper storage boxes

As convenient and inexpensive as it is to pack items in cardboard boxes from various locations, for items that are going to be stored long-term either in your home or in Lafayette storage units, it is better to invest in higher-quality storage containers. Bugs can enter if there is an open space as narrow as a credit card and mice can wiggle through a hole as small as a nickel. If you are storing mattresses, box springs, or furniture, it is very important to store them in storage bags that are designed to keep bed bugs out. Once bed bugs come to stay, they are very difficult and expensive to get rid of.

Use traps, repellants, or other deterrents

There are many traps and poisons available for use to capture or kill pests that might find their way into your storage unit. The problem with traps is that for maximum efficacy, they need to be emptied regularly. For those wanting an option, several essential oils can be used to deter pests. Lemongrass, Lavender, and Eucalyptus are effective and can be used by adding 20-25 drops of to half of a cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray items when packing them, and refresh the spray on the outside of items when you go for your regular inspection. They can be used individually as well as in a combination. Peppermint and Tea Tree oil on cotton balls and strategically placed (and refreshed regularly) repel mice and insects.

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