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Tuesday, 24 November 2015 16:42

How to Store Baby Items


Children are known to grow very quickly. This will often result in an abundance of clothing and baby accessories that you child has recently outgrown. Many want to keep these items for a future baby or for a family friend. Storing these items at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO can ensure the safety and quality of your baby items. We offer a variety of storage units in order to make sure you get exactly what you need. We have also provided you with some tips on storing those special baby accessories so they are ready to be used again.



It is important to wash all clothing before placing it in storage. This way no old food particles left on the clothing will attract any unwanted guests. Make sure the clothes are completely dry before placing them in storage as to prevent mildew. Depending on how long you plan on storing the clothing will determine what you should place the clothing in. For short term storage a standard cardboard box will be more than sufficient. If you are planning are storing for long-term it is wise to store the clothing in a plastic bin or bag that seals tightly. Remember to store in an organized fashion. Sort clothing by age and size to make it easier when you come back to remove the clothing from storage.



Cleaning and even polishing your furniture will ensure its quality during its time in the storage unit. To fit more in the space of your storage unit disassemble any and all the furniture you can. It is easier to store smaller pieces of furniture rather than large, bulky items. Once you have your furniture placed desirably in the storage unit, cover it with a large sheet or packing blanket. This will protect it from dirt, dust, and other potential spills or hazards. If possible do not store furniture items on the floor. Prop up the furniture by placing it on a pallet, bricks, or a tarp. This will ensure the safety of your belongings.



Children outgrow toys as fast as they do clothing. It is smart to go through your child’s toy box every few months and organize. After sorting through and figuring out what to toss or donate, you can keep the sentimental pieces in storage. Again, we recommend that you clean the toys thoroughly with soapy water to remove any excess food or dirt. Plastic bins will be needed for long term storage of toys. This will keep them in pristine shape when you are ready to part with them.



As your child grows, so will their belongings. This doesn’t mean you need to part with all of it all at once. Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO can provide you with the perfect storage unit to keep all of your baby accessories safe. For more information on our storage units please call us today.

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Monday, 27 July 2015 11:06

How to Add Character to Your Space



So now that you’ve stored the items that are taking up space at your storage unit in Lafayette, what’s next? Maybe now is the perfect time to start adding some character to your home. If you’re bored with the way your home looks or are looking for some new ideas, we have some suggestions that are sure to liven up your living space.



Unique lighting fixtures can take a drab room and really make it stand out. Head to a local antique shop or second-hand store to find pieces that are truly special. Whether it’s a floor lamp, or a hanging fixture, this may be just the ticket to recreating any room in your home.


Reading Nook

A cozy little reading nook is a great way to add some charm and sense of comfort to your home. This is also a great way to utilize any awkward spaces in your home that you’re just not sure what to do with. You can add a platform or even a loveseat and then throw some cushions and blankets around the area for a comfy reading spot.


Wall Decals

Paintings definitely have their place but have you ever considered wall decals? Wall decals are a fun and affordable way to really give any room some additional artistic flair. They’re super easy to install and you can take them down and switch them out to your liking. Even something as simple as a tree decal can really add some character.


Vibrant Colors

Sometimes just adding a little color to a room may be all you really need to give it the character you’re looking for. Consider giving your walls a fresh coat of paint in a fun and bold color. If you have bookshelves, simply painting the back of them with a contrasting color will really liven things up. Colorful throws and pillows are also a great way to add some color to your bedroom or living room.


Bold Patterns

Going for bold patterns is certain to make your place stand out. If you’re redoing your flooring, consider a strong, checkered pattern for a classic yet fun look. If you want a less permanent solution, check out some bold area rugs in stripes and bright colors to add to various rooms and make a statement.



Elite Storage in Lafayette hopes these tips help you add that character you’ve been looking for. Happy decorating!

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Monday, 27 July 2015 11:02

Tips on Becoming a Minimalist



Accumulating clutter and stuff we simply don’t need is far too easy and if you’ve reached the point where the minimalist lifestyle seems appealing then you’ve come to the right spot. Elite Storage in Lafayette will help you get rid of some of those possessions you don’t need and also provide you with a safe place to store them at our Lafayette storage location. Here is what you can do to start minimizing today.


Get Rid of Unwanted Belongings

The very first thing you should do on your journey towards minimalism is get rid of anything that you simply don’t want. This part is easy because you should be able to quickly identify the things that you don’t care about. Just grab a box and go through every room in your home collecting these unwanted items. We recommend donating the items if you can but trashing them if also an option.


Go Through the Rest

The next step is to look at the rest of your possessions and really evaluate if they are worth keeping or not. If they aren’t adding any value to your life, it may be time to let them go. If you have items that have sentiment behind them, you can always store them at your Lafayette storage unit for safekeeping. They’ll be there for you when you want to go through them and your home will feel less cluttered.


Ditch the Consumerism

Sure, you’re going to need to buy stuff once in awhile whether it’s a new t.v. or a new pair of shoes but not going overboard on the shopping is key to living minimally. Companies are smart and know how to market their product to you and convince you that you need it even if you don’t. Learn to be content with what you have but if you must buy that new item you’ve had your eye on, try to ditch something you already own to avoid belongings from piling up.


Travel Lightly

Traveling provides you with a great opportunity to practice the minimalist lifestyle. Having less to carry around the airport is just icing on the cake. People tend to over pack when traveling even though packing light is the better alternative. Most hotels will have a washer and dryer available if you do need to wash clothes while away. Try packing clothes for half the days you’ll be gone and you may find that it’s not as hard as you thought.


Use Social Media Less

When thinking about minimalism, our minds tend to navigate towards material possessions but you could be filling your mind with clutter if you’re on social media day in and day out. Try checking your social sites less frequently and it will do wonders for your well-being. You may find that you’re even happier by logging in less.



We hopes these tips help you in your quest towards the minimalist lifestyle. If you ever do need help or suggestions on how to go about storing your belongings, Elite Storage in Lafayette is here to help you.

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