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Thursday, 14 February 2019 00:00

You Might Need a Storage Unit If …

Do you remember these fun lists? Since we are uniquely concerned with safely storing stuff at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO, one day for fun, we sat down and thought of a few of our own.

So, you might need a storage unit if …

You can’t put your car in the garage.

Your junk drawer has grown up and become a junk room, floor, etc.

You can’t fit any more clothes into your closet and you have a clothes basket organizational system.

There isn’t room for your storage bins, boxes, etc., so you stack them, throw a large sheet over them, and pretend that you got new furniture.

You’ve tried the Kondo method and all that gives you joy is ice cream from the freezer. Everything else is headed to the trash.

Your bookshelves are so packed that you don’t have room for any more books. Well, go ahead and pack up something that not’s so great and get another bookshelf or two … or three.

Your clown collection in the spare bedroom has your entire family freaked out and your mother in law won’t come visit for the holidays. But, wait….

You have so many pathways through a storage room that it looks like a maze and you feel like a lab rodent searching for cheese whenever you go into it.

And so on.

With all of the gimmicks about being minimalist, there is a silent shame that comes with having too much stuff. The minimalist/tiny house trend has captured the imagination of many and even created a stuff shaming cultural mentality. While it’s true that many people are overburdened with possessions, there is never a one size fits all solution.

So, for those in Boulder County, Colorado who are looking for an extra, safe place to keep their excess possessions, please come visit Elite Storage units in Lafayette, CO. We promise to help you with everything except the clown dolls, ‘cuz those are just creepy!


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There are as many trends to creating the perfect living space as there are stars in the sky it seems. The latest one of which we’ve heard about here at Elite Storage Units in Lafayette, CO, is “death cleaning.” Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

What is death cleaning?

Some people have discovered the trend of death cleaning, which is based on a Swedish practice of reducing one’s belongings in later life. This allows for people to be in charge of their possessions and make decisions about where they should go. Many consider this practice as considerate to one’s surviving relatives since they will not be burdened by clearing out your estate. Additionally, it is easier for the elderly person to keep their home clean without as many things in the house.

How do you death clean without creeping everyone out?

We’re not necessarily a fan of the term “death cleaning.” It really sounds so morbid. Imagine calling your adult children and grandchildren and saying, “I’m starting my death clean. I need you to come over.” Yeah, we don’t know about you, but it wouldn’t go well with our families. Renaming the process may be enough.

Use online tools to facilitate communication between family members

One family created an inventory with a Google Drive Sheet and listed the items that needed a disposition. Each member of the family was able to weigh in on their preferences, as well as their parents. In the event of a conflict, family members could state the reason that they desired the item. Resolving such conflicts could be as simple as flipping a coin. Some families really struggle with dividing material goods, especially those that have perceived monetary value. Doing so with your input is far better, rather than leave it to grieving children to decide after you are no longer able to do so.

Goals of death cleaning purge

With the current trends towards extreme minimalism, it is important for everyone to be comfortable with their end result. Some people want to cut things to that level of living, while others may need to go more gradually for whatever reason. Remember that the goal of all of these programs and self helps is to improve your quality of living, not cause you more stress or result in you giving things away before you’ve finished your usable time with them.

It’s OK to have a holding place for items that you’re not sure about. We have many options for units; some of them are even temperature controlled storage, so you can protect your more fragile items from the vast annual fluctuations of temperatures in northern Colorado.


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Wednesday, 25 April 2018 00:00

Choosing the Right Size of Storage Unit

Before renting a storage unit at Elite storage in Lafayette, CO, you are going to need to know what size of unit your will be needing. Nothing is worse than having a unit that is too small or too big for the amount of items you are needing to store. Below are some tips to help you when it comes to choosing the right size of a storage unit.

Take Inventory

Before you even begin to weigh your unit size options available to you, take inventory of everything you want to put into storage. Get out the measuring tape for some of your larger items to determine the smallest space they can fit into. Getting a better idea about what you need to store will help you in determining what size unit you need.

Standard Sizes of Units

Most facilities come with standard sizes with their storage units. The sizes that are available to you usually range from 5x5 to a 10x30. Always be sure to consider the limitations of your entire storage space, and make sure you take advantage of all three dimensions when thinking about your items (i.e., length, width, and height). Standard height of a storage unit is about 8 to 10 feet tall.

Choose the Wrong Size?

If you have secured a storage unit that is inaccurately matched with what you plan to store, the facility manager can help find you the right storage unit size. Not only will they help you make the necessary changes in your rental agreement, but they will also assist you in determining the proper unit size suitable for your belongings.

We at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO want to help you in finding the perfect storage unit for all of your storage needs. Come talk to us today about the items you are wanting to store and we can recommend the size we think will work best for you at the right price. Check out our website for our available storage unit sizes.

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Do you require a temperature controlled storage rental unit in Lafayette, CO? One of the primary issues regarding placing household objects inside a self storage rental unit is what type of condition your items will be in when it is time to retrieve them. As early as the1990s, an increasing number of self storage units are becoming outfitted with a new idea, particularly temperature controlled storage units. Naturally, a considerable amount of household belongings do not need temperature controlled storage attention, but there are lots of objects that do.
Weather will differ from one portion of the place to another, from excessive humidity to excessive dryness. These weather conditions can ruin certain belongings in Lafayette, CO. The main problem of storing items is what is known as "biological contaminants." Below are the five primary contaminants that can find their way straight into a self storage unit and damage personal items:
•    dust mites
•    bacteria
•    viruses
•    mildew
•    mold
Keeping your belongings in a temperature controlled storage unit in Lafayette, CO will prevent these from causing, along with other harmful factors such as future health concerns, wood degradation, musty odors, and paper rot. The additional cost of reserving one of these storage units is definitely worth every penny later on. Here is a list of household belongings that are typically temperature-sensitive and susceptible to damage.
Paper Items, Paintings, Artwork, and Books - Something that is made from paper can give in to paper rot if exposed to constant humidity. Pages will stick together and even curl up, plus the print will possibly "bleed" on the page. And if a painting or the pages get covered in mold and mildew, they will all be damaged.
Fabric and Clothing - Fabric doesn't do well when in contact with mold and mildew, and if subjected to moisture, it can become coated in mold and mildew. Keep them placed in a warm, dry temperature and they will thank you for it and serve you for a lot longer. In addition, ensure that whatever garments you store in size boxes are completely free of moisture.
Electronics - Mainly because electronics are extremely responsive to moisture, they require a temperature controlled storage unit. The most effective way to destroy a form of electronic device is to let moisture get into it. Individuals that reside in seaside locations, the Midwest, and the Deep South are specifically subject to extremely humid temperatures. With electronic devices, they should be shielded against extreme cold and moisture. With this in mind, being able to store these types of items in a unit that is both warm and dry is an excellent idea.
Wood Furniture and Upholstered Items - Extreme changes in temperature do more harm to wood furniture and upholstered items than you can think of. Antiques are particularly vulnerable to damage from excessive moisture or dryness. The wood will start to rot and the molds and mildew will buildup in the antique. Mold and mildew have a discoloration result and can damage wooden furniture or upholstered items. It can also result to serious health concerns as well. If the self storage unit is too wet or too dry, wood can warp or crack, damaging your wooden furniture. Asthma attacks and allergic reactions are easily induced by mold and mildew as those that aim for the human respiratory system.
The main point here is that if you wish any of these kinds of belongings making it through self storage, you may want to think about the long term savings by shelling out extra money on a temperature controlled storage unit in Lafayette, CO.

An unorganized house is never cozy to reside in. But there are several houses in the United States, particularly in Lafayette, CO, that deal with this kind of problem to the extent that sometimes they require to employ the services of an experienced organizer to assist them in organizing their personal items.
There are a couple of information associated to lack of organization and its influence on the lives of individuals in Lafayette, CO, that actually might shock you. According to the Workplace Organization Survey that was carried out by OfficeMax in 2011 stated that 86% of American citizen assert they need to make improvements on their organizational abilities while 90% of them confess lack of organization at work or home, detrimentally impacts their everyday life when it comes to state of mind, productivity, happiness and motivation.
Furthermore, another web site Healing noticed that a normal American citizen has functional belongings that cost from $2,500 to $5,000 and they do not actually use it. In addition, studies concluded that over 85% of partners or married couples confess fighting over disorganization and clutter. It also reported that being unorganized will cost you money.
With all of these detrimental facts unveiled, certainly it is not good to be unorganized if you wish to live a peaceful and happy life in Lafayette, CO. It is not that difficult to begin on this thing provided that you are dedicated to keep items in order in your office or home.
The very first thing to perform is to understand which area to begin organizing. You have to be able to know this based on the items that need to be arranged and organized. Clean one room each time beginning from the corner of the room and then toiling your path to the different sections of the room.
As soon as you are finished, figure out how you are going to get rid of your additional items. You can give them to charitable institutions such as Goodwill or Salvation Army in Lafayette, CO or if you wish to earn a little income, you can market them by having a yard or garage sale. If you intend to keep some items that have a sentimental worth to you, your ideal solution is to book a self storage unit.
Several individuals these days make use of self storage facilities in Lafayette, CO as a safe or temporary place to keep their items. Some individuals even store their belongings for a long time without minding the price. If in the long run you would want to get rid of them, you can decide on holding a yard or garage sale right at your storage unit with the approval of the self storage management.
Be sure, on the other hand, that you think about several aspects when reserving a self storage rental unit in Lafayette, CO. Your location is extremely important. Pick one up that is close to your residence to help save you gas cost and time. Security aspects are also necessary when selecting a storage unit.