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Thursday, 14 April 2016 00:00

How Much Storage Space Do You Really Need?

When it comes to storing the items that you have, you have to consider the amount of space youre going to need to store all of it. This is something theyre going to ask you ahead of time. Choosing the right size storage unit can be daunting though. What if you pay for more than you need? What if you do not have enough space for everything that needs to be stored? There are many questions that generally go unanswered in the process.

Considerations for Storage Space

Generally, storage companies will give you an idea of what square footage of items the space is able to hold. This is because you want to have an idea of what others were able to fit inside the unit, and what you might be able to fit, as well.

Considering a smaller, efficiency or one-bedroom apartment would fit in one of the smaller units, is this something youd need? The units go all the way up to three and four bedroom homes. Asking the company more regarding the space provided, and how high, deep and long the unit is can give you a better idea of what youre able to fit inside it. Not only that, but knowing the square footage of the space youre coming from can also provide a better idea of size.

Looking at the units first, before purchasing one, can also give you a good idea on which size you might need to place your items in. You need to work out the best possible solution when the time comes, and this can be the best way to go about it.

Having the right amount of space is essential, but making sure that youre not overpaying can also be a plus.

Your Storage Solution

Elite Storage can provide the self storage in Lafayette, CO that youre looking for. Not only are they trained to know what can and cannot fit inside the units, but they can give you a better idea of what you might want to go with, size wise, for the size of the home youre coming from. Listen to their judgement and have them help you with the self storage in Lafayette, CO that youre renting from them.

Everyone needs a little help during their move, let Elite Storage help you with yours, so you can feel better about the storage solutions you chose to go with.

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Thursday, 24 March 2016 00:00

How to Store your Couch

Depending on your current life situation, you may find yourself with additional furniture that you just don’t seem to have the room for anymore. Instead of tossing it out consider placing your beloved furniture in a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette. If you are planning on placing your couch in storage we have provided you with some preparation steps you should take before dropping it off in our secure facility.


Before placing anything in storage you will want to make sure it is cleaned thoroughly. Dust, food, and grime can potentially cause damage to your couch when it is sitting in your storage unit over time. Depending on the fabric of your couch you will have to use different cleaning solvents to make sure the fabric itself is clean. You can easily determine which cleaning product to use with a little internet research. After your couch has been cleaned and vacuumed make sure it is dry before leaving it in storage.The Storage Unit

Before renting a storage unit for your couch you will want to make sure you have the appropriate size to fit everything you need to place within the unit. A couch can take up a lot of space within the unit so you will want to plan ahead. Elite Storage in Lafayette can provide you with a variety of sizes when it comes to storage units.


While your couch is in storage you will want to protect it from gathering any dust or dirt on its surface. Using a heavy sheet or blanket can easily protect your couch for its stay. For additional protection you can place the couch on pallets or a tarp to keep it away from any hazardous spills that may occur.

Temperature Controlled Storage

At Elite Storage in Lafayette we have the ability to provide you with temperature controlled storage units. Having a temperature controlled unit will ensure the quality of your couch making it last a life time.

By following the above steps you can have peace of mind when it comes to storing your couch within a storage unit. If you have additional questions regarding Elite Storage and our facility please feel free to call one of our friendly customer service representatives for more information.

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Thursday, 10 March 2016 00:00

Cleaning Out and Organizing Your Basement

Spring is here and is the perfect opportunity to clean up some of the clutter that has accumulated over the past few months. One area of the house that probably hasn’t had some decluttering and organization in a few years is your basement. Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO can help you conquer the clutter that has overcome your basement. With the extra space you need from one of our storage units and the tips we have gathered below, you will have the clean and organized basement you have always dreamed of.


One Area at a Time

When you start to declutter your basement you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of items that has accumulated over the years. The best way to start the decluttering and organizing process is by picking one area at a time. Designate a small space to work through and sort each day or weekend. This way you don’t feel overwhelmed and you can take your time deciding what you should keep, store, or donate.



If you use your basement as a storage space for a variety of household items you will want to install some shelving. Shelving can open up floor space while giving your organized storage. Keep your items in clear plastic bins so you can easily see what is stored where. Don’t forget to label your bins as well to make your life just that much easier. Having your items stored on shelving rather than the floor can protect them from potential natural disasters that may occur in your basement such as flooding.


Imagine the Potential

After you have cleaned out your basement and organized the items you are wanting to keep close on hand you can then imagine the potential your basement has for additional playrooms or work spaces. You can designate specific areas of your basement for each need. When creating a playroom for your children make sure it is in an area that is away from any hot water heaters or piping that could harm them. Keep it organized with peg boards, shelving, and bins for all of your crafts or the children’s toys. Let your creativity flourish with this new space you have in your home.


While it may be a daunting task, cleaning out your basement has its perks. To give you the extra room you have always wanted you can trust Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO to provide you with a storage unit to hold all of your items you wish to store. Our facility will provide you with the safety and security you need to have peace of mind. Call us today to learn more about the sizes of storage units we have available.

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Thursday, 11 February 2016 00:00

Protecting your Family’s Photos in Storage

Family photos allow you to look back on your past memories and reflect on how much your family has grown over the years. Most of us put in a lot of time and effort into create scrapbooks and family photo albums in order to preserve our most cherished memories. When you find yourself needing to put your photos into storage, you can trust Elite Storage in Lafayette to keep those cherished memories safe. We can provide you with temperature controlled storage units to ensure the quality of all of your valuables. To keep your photos in pristine conditions we have listed some steps you should take in preparing your photos for storage.



Before placing your photos in storage you will want to make sure you are properly preparing for their stay. Preservation experts say to look for paper enclosures that are made from a high quality, non-acidic, lignin-free paper (buffered or unbuffered) made from cotton or highly purified wood pulps. You should also avoid using envelopes with a center seam due to the adhesive that could damage your photos. If you are storing photo albums make sure they are placed on acid-free adhesive paper and protected with a sheet protector.


The Storage Unit

When consider what kind of storage unit you should rent, it is always wise to go with a temperature controlled storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette. To keep your photos in pristine condition it is recommended that you store them in a unit that is well ventilated and doesn’t have fluctuation in temperature. Extreme temperatures tend to alter the condition of photos making them fade or become discolored.



To provide the best protection for you photos you will want to invest in some plastic bins to store them in. Plastic bins with sealable tops are the best when it comes to storing a variety of valuables in a storage unit. This will keep you photos away from any hazardous spills or unwanted guests. Make sure you don’t over pack your bins. Heavy boxes and bins are difficult to move and can cause damage to the items inside if they are filled to the brim.



A temperature controlled storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette can not only protect your photos, but a variety of other valuables as well. Our units ensure the safety and security of your most prized possessions. For more information on our facility and our temperature controlled units, call or stop by today.

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Thursday, 25 February 2016 10:01

Brightening up your Blank Walls

If your home hasn’t been feeling like home lately it could be due to your blank walls. We at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO want to help you in making your home what you have always wished it could be by providing you with self-storage and organization tips for your home. Get rid of those dull blank walls and add some color to your home with some of the tips and tricks we have listed below.


  • Headboards create the perfect statement piece for your bedroom. If you don’t have a headboard you can always create your own. This easily done by hanging curtains or a tapestry behind your bed. You can show off your creativity by creating a foe headboard by framing your bed with art pieces and memorabilia. A sheer curtain and lights can add a romantic look to your bedroom.


  • Just frames can add a pop of color to your blank walls while working as the perfect statement piece you have been looking for in your home. You can gather a variety of frames from any goodwill or thrift store for fairly cheap. Spray paint the empty frames with a color that goes along with your décor.


  • Floating shelves can have multiple uses in your home. While they provide sophistication to a room, they can also be used as needed storage space. You can place a variety of items on your newly installed shelves, from books to eclectic art pieces.


  • Wall decals have gained popularity over the past year. These fun art pieces are easy to put up and are perfect for adding a personal statement to your walls. Wall decals can come in a variety of sayings or patterns. You can even make customized wall decals. These are perfect for those who are renting since the wall decals remove easily without causing damage to the walls.


  • DIY Artwork is a fun and creative way to spruce up your walls. Even if you aren’t very artistic you can easily create colorful abstract pieces to brighten up your living space. You can look up tutorials online or create an artistic piece all on your own.


Blank white walls can make your home feel cold and uncomfortable. Brighten up your living space with the tips and tricks listed above. Don’t be afraid to get creative when giving your home a personal touch. Throughout the process of decorating your home you can trust Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO to give you the extra space you need for all of your valuables. Contact us today for more information on the pricing on our self-storage units.


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Wednesday, 13 January 2016 00:00

Making the Move Easier

Moving can be exhausting and stressful. Rather than waiting until the last minute, it is always best to plan out your move. Planning can help the moving experience not be as stressful. Below are some tips to follow to make your move just that much easier.


Set the Necessities Aside

When you are packing up and moving your home you will want to set aside the items you will be using the first few days in your new home. Unpacking can take quite a while and it is a hassle to dig through large amounts of boxes when you are trying to find what you need. Set aside enough clothing, cookware, food, and bathroom accessories to get you by in the first few days in your home while you unpack.


Use what you have

Packing supplies can be expensive, especially if you have a large amount of items to pack. Utilize the packing supplies you have on hand first before going out and purchasing any additional packing supplies. You can use blankets, rags, and old newspaper to wrap up the fragile items in your home. Utilize suite cases and duffle bags to put clothes and non-breakable items in during the move. When you have used all you have in your home, Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO can provide you with all the packing supplies you could ever need.


Pack by Room

While it may seem easier to just throw everything you can into a box, it is important to stay organized during the packing process. Packing by room will make it easier on you when the time comes to unpack all of your new items in your new home. Label all of your boxes accordingly and make sure not to over pack each box. Boxes that are too heavy can cause damage to you and the items you have placed in the box.


Loading your Truck or Trailer

When loading your truck or trailer you will want to start by loading the boxes first, and then the furniture. You can easily pack up the back of the truck or trailer when corresponding box sizes. Make sure you have the heaviest boxes on the bottom and the lighter boxes up towards the top.


Purge as you pack

Moving is the perfect opportunity to sort through your belongings and get rid of or store various items you don’t need in your home. A storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO can provide you with the right amount of space for the perfect price. Call us today for more information on our units and to see how we can help make your moving process stress free and easy for you.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016 00:00

Rules for decluttering your Kid’s Room

A child’s room is often known to be a disaster zone. With the large amounts of clothing and toys it seems like a never ending mess at the end of each day. While you try and keep up on the cleanliness and organization of your kid’s room there are some rules you should be following to keep it clean.


Involve your Child

Nothing is worse than picking up a mess you didn’t make. Having your child involved in the organization and cleaning process of their room is critical if you want to keep that room clean. Younger children usually jump at the opportunity to help you with the household chores. Make it into a game and they will enjoy the time they spend with you while cleaning their room.


Give Stuff a Home

The key to cleanliness is organization. Having a “home” for all of your child’s clothing and toys will make it easier for them to put away when it is time to clean up. Purchasing and labeling bins and storage units can help your child to place everything where it is supposed to go at the end of the day. If you find you are lacking in the space needed to have everything organized in your child’s room, a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO can help. We can provide you with the space and security you need to store those memorable items for you child.


It’s Ok to Let Go

As children get older they will outgrow a large amount of clothing and toys. Let them know it is ok to let go of what they don’t want anymore. Sort through their clothes and toys every once and a while with them and see if you can find some items you can donate, place in storage, or trash all together.


Bottom Up

When cleaning with your child it is always best to give them a place to start and work from there. Starting the cleaning process from the floor up is always the best option. This will give you the room you need to reach the rest of the bedroom that needs to be cleaned.


Lead by Example

Your child is always watching and learning from you. Lead by example and express your joy when you clean up your space. They will want to have a clean space just like you. Have them help you with other areas of the house as well. Soon they will get into the habit of keeping their space clean, just as you keep yours clean as well.


Keeping the above rules will help you and your child get in the routine of keeping a clean home. If you can’t seem to declutter as much as you would like due to the lack of space, a storage unit from Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO can be the answer. We pride ourselves on helping you with any of your storage needs. Call us today for more information on how our facility can help you.

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Monday, 28 December 2015 12:03

Decluttering your Garage

A garage is often the perfect place to store various items. But what happens when your garage seems to be bursting at the seams and hard to maneuver around. A cluttered garage is a dangerous place to be with potential trip and fall hazards and fire hazards as well. Taking the time to sort and organize your garage is often necessary. Below are some steps to take in creating a safe and organized garage.


Start with Cleaning

When pulling out and sorting through everything you have accumulated in your garage, take the opportunity to clean every surface. You will notice how dusty and grimy your shelving and garage floor has become while storing all of your valuables. Start with a clean slate and wipe down every surface and sweep the floor of any dirt, cobwebs, and debris.


Seasonal Items

As you are going through and sorting items it may help to categorize them by season. For those seasons well off, consider placing those items in a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO. Our units will give you the needed space for those seasonal items that are just sitting in your garage. Such items include decorations, sporting goods, and clothing.


Think Up

While there is limited floor space in a garage, it is often smart to think up. Wall space and even ceiling space can be utilized for organizational storage for those items you often use. Consider hanging your bikes from the ceiling and building shelves along the walls to maximize storage space. Peg boards are the perfect solution to display and organize tools for ease of access.


Consider Insulation

A garage is not often protected from the elements as well as it should be. If your garage does not have insulation, you might want to consider having some put in. The insulation in your garage will protect the items that are more sensitive to temperature change. This will also keep a draft from coming into your home if the garage is attached.



While organizing your garage may take some time, it really should be a priority on your to-do list. By sorting through your items and either tossing, donating, or storing the bulk of what is in your garage, you can claim the space you seemed to have lost over the years. For those items you wish to keep but just can’t seem to fit in your home, a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO is the perfect solution. We can provide you with the security you need for those precious items. For more information about our units and the features and amenities we have to offer, please stop by or call us today.

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Monday, 28 December 2015 11:53

Organizing your Laundry Room

Your laundry room is often the place that contains the most clutter. It has become a room that everyone will just gather and throw their clothes into. The mess often seems uncontrollable. Below are some tips to help you get your laundry room under control.


Utilize Space

Laundry rooms are often small and never have enough storage. The key to maximizing your space is to think up. Use the wall space and space behind the door to add shelving and storage cubbies. You can personalize each cubby to hold every family members clothing and provide the needed organization when doing loads of laundry.


Teaching the Family

Doing laundry on your own is a daunting task to tackle. Having your kids help you with this daily chore will help ease some of your stress. If everyone in the family is responsible for his or her own clothes you can make sure all the laundry in the house is clean and sorted as it needs to be. Teaching your children the right way to do laundry from the beginning will help them from any unfortunate laundry mishaps they may have as adults.


Seasonal Clothing

The amount of clothing sitting in your laundry room may be largely due to the fact that you haven’t sorted through your out of season clothing yet. By storing out of season clothing in a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, you can free up a lot more storage and closet space. You will also have a substantial amount less clothes to have to wash or store in your laundry room.


Set up a Schedule

Doing laundry every day is not a chore that one wants to do. This will always result in a loss of motivation and the clothes will pile up and get out of control once again. By picking days of the week to do your laundry you can stay on top of the ever growing clothing piles and not get unmotivated in the process.


Sorting Hampers

Investing in a sorting hamper will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. These large hampers come with separate compartments that allow you to sort your laundry as you toss them into the hamper. This way you won’t have to dig through piles of dirty clothes to make sure you gathered all of your whites.


While laundry is a chore that most of us would like to avoid, it has to be done. By following the tips above you can ease some of the hassle. For those seasonal clothes you can’t seem to find the space for we recommend a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette. Our units provide you with easy access to your belongings and a state of the art digital video recorded camera system to keep them secure. For more information please call one of our friendly customer service representatives today

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Do you require a temperature controlled storage rental unit in Lafayette, CO? One of the primary issues regarding placing household objects inside a self storage rental unit is what type of condition your items will be in when it is time to retrieve them. As early as the1990s, an increasing number of self storage units are becoming outfitted with a new idea, particularly temperature controlled storage units. Naturally, a considerable amount of household belongings do not need temperature controlled storage attention, but there are lots of objects that do.
Weather will differ from one portion of the place to another, from excessive humidity to excessive dryness. These weather conditions can ruin certain belongings in Lafayette, CO. The main problem of storing items is what is known as "biological contaminants." Below are the five primary contaminants that can find their way straight into a self storage unit and damage personal items:
•    dust mites
•    bacteria
•    viruses
•    mildew
•    mold
Keeping your belongings in a temperature controlled storage unit in Lafayette, CO will prevent these from causing, along with other harmful factors such as future health concerns, wood degradation, musty odors, and paper rot. The additional cost of reserving one of these storage units is definitely worth every penny later on. Here is a list of household belongings that are typically temperature-sensitive and susceptible to damage.
Paper Items, Paintings, Artwork, and Books - Something that is made from paper can give in to paper rot if exposed to constant humidity. Pages will stick together and even curl up, plus the print will possibly "bleed" on the page. And if a painting or the pages get covered in mold and mildew, they will all be damaged.
Fabric and Clothing - Fabric doesn't do well when in contact with mold and mildew, and if subjected to moisture, it can become coated in mold and mildew. Keep them placed in a warm, dry temperature and they will thank you for it and serve you for a lot longer. In addition, ensure that whatever garments you store in size boxes are completely free of moisture.
Electronics - Mainly because electronics are extremely responsive to moisture, they require a temperature controlled storage unit. The most effective way to destroy a form of electronic device is to let moisture get into it. Individuals that reside in seaside locations, the Midwest, and the Deep South are specifically subject to extremely humid temperatures. With electronic devices, they should be shielded against extreme cold and moisture. With this in mind, being able to store these types of items in a unit that is both warm and dry is an excellent idea.
Wood Furniture and Upholstered Items - Extreme changes in temperature do more harm to wood furniture and upholstered items than you can think of. Antiques are particularly vulnerable to damage from excessive moisture or dryness. The wood will start to rot and the molds and mildew will buildup in the antique. Mold and mildew have a discoloration result and can damage wooden furniture or upholstered items. It can also result to serious health concerns as well. If the self storage unit is too wet or too dry, wood can warp or crack, damaging your wooden furniture. Asthma attacks and allergic reactions are easily induced by mold and mildew as those that aim for the human respiratory system.
The main point here is that if you wish any of these kinds of belongings making it through self storage, you may want to think about the long term savings by shelling out extra money on a temperature controlled storage unit in Lafayette, CO.

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