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Wednesday, 15 August 2018 00:00

Outdated Items to Get Rid of

Has your self-storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO taken a turn for the worse when it comes to organization and useless items? It may be time to go through the clutter and get rid of some of the outdated items in your unit. Listed below are some of the items you might want to consider parting ways with.

Outgrown Toys

If you have children then you know how many toys your child will go through over the years. If you are storing them in your storage unit you many need to reevaluate the toys you should keep, donate, or toss. You can keep a few of the more novel or interesting toys for nostalgia’s sake. Reach out to your family and friends with growing children and see if they could have a use for the toys. If your plastic toys have been in storage for over 20 years you should probably toss them.


When it comes to getting rid of some furniture you should do some research. If you like it, keep it. If it’s broken or the wrong color, repaint or repair it. If you can’t see yourself making an effort to keep it or fix it then do some research to see how much you can sell it for or donate it. Take photos of the furniture and email them to your local antique shop, consignment store or estate auction agent to find a buyer.


No matter what it is that you have collected over the years it is only worth keeping if you can make a profit off of it. This will also take some research but could be worth it. If it’s authentic and vintage, it could be worth your while to list it on eBay. If it has regional or local interest, an estate seller or auctioneer might be interested. If you find that your collection isn’t as valuable as you had hoped then don’t be afraid to part ways. Sell what you can and donate the rest.

While it may take some time and effort you will be thankful for a clean and organized unit that isn’t full of items you just won’t use any time soon. Get your Self Storage Unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO back in working order.


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Wednesday, 23 May 2018 00:00

Tips for Purging your Child's Toys

Tips for Purging your Child’s Toys

If you have children you know how fast they grown and how much they accumulate over the years. Before you know it your house is overwhelmed with toys and baby items you just don’t need or want. While it is hard to get rid of these items you can always place them in a secure storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO. This way you have those items for future use and still have the much needed space in your home.

Don’t Be More Sentimental than your Child

There are some toys that your child will love and cherish for many years. At the same time, there are toys that you have accumulated in your home that your child could easily forget about. If your child doesn’t seem to be sentimental towards specific toys then you know they are ok to go. Ask yourself the following questions:

· Did someone we love gift this and is it sentimental to the giver?

· Is this a toy that never gets played with?

· Would the kids even notice if it was gone?

This will help you to determine whether the toy stays, gets stored, or is donated.

Age Appropriate Toys

If you are like most, you probably still have those newborn toys laying around the house not getting played with. You may even have some toys that have been gifted to you that your child just isn’t ready to play with yet. While sorting through your child’s toys you can determine if this a toy that is appropriate for them to play with now. Everything else can be stored or donated.

Get your Children Involved

While it might be easier to just go through and purge all of your child’s toys on your own, getting them involved can be very helpful to their development and understanding of why their toys are being stored or donated. Kids know which toys they want to play with and which ones they don’t. Depending on the ages of your children this may be a great opportunity to teach them about generosity. It feels good to give and bless others, and it’s never too early to start explaining that principle to your children.

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