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Tuesday, 24 January 2017 00:00

Properly Storing your Bicycle

Winter months really put a damper on the ability to freely ride your bicycle whenever you please. Instead of having it take up space in your garage, you can easily store it in a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO. We can keep your bike safe as long as you make the necessary preparations to your bike before its stay. Below are some of the things you can to do prep your bike for storage.


Check your Tires

Thoroughly inspect your tires for any holes or tears. These should be repaired before placing your bike in storage. Make sure you tires area fully inflated as well. In order to have your bike remain in pristine condition during its time in storage you will want to make sure the tires stay inflated throughout its duration in the storage unit. The best way to do this is by hanging your bike off the ground. This will relieve any pressure put on the bike tire and keep it from warping if the tire does in fact go flat.


Avoid Rust

Storing a bike for a long period time does come with the potential hazard of rust. To fight against rust build up make sure your bike is clean and dry before placing it in storage. When in the storage unit you may cover your bike to protect it from any outside moisture. Keeping it up off the floor is another added measure to ensure your bike will be protected from any unexpected spills or water damage. You can easily do this by setting it on top of a pallet or on a tarp.



Take the time to inspect all parts of your bike. You can do this when cleaning and preparing your bike for storage. You will want to make sure the bike is in working condition before you place it into your unit. This includes doing some of the routine maintenance on it such as lubricating the chain and inflating the tires. Having your bike go into storage in pristine shape will help it to be ready and available for use when you can take it out and put it to use again.


Instead of having your bicycle take up room in your home or garage, you can free up some extra storage space by keeping it in a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO. Our facility has a variety of sizes available when it comes to storage units. We can find the right space for all of your storage needs. Call or stop by today!

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017 00:00

Options for Decorating your Rental

Not everyone can afford to buy a house, especially with the way the economy is today. Rentals are beginning to be the only option for the majority of families. Just because you are renting a home doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. With the help of a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette and permission from you landlord, you can create the space you have always wanted. Below are some temporary decorating options you will most likely be allowed to do in your new rental home.

•Self-adhesive tiles can be added to your kitchen to give it that personal touch while creating a stunning back-drop. These tiles can often be found at Home Depot. These tiles are meant to be temporary and can easily be put up and taken off when the time comes.

•Command Hooks are a fast and easy way to add some personal touches to your home. Hanging curtain rods from command hooks gives you a creative way to put your jewelry or scarves on display in your bedroom. Command hooks can also be used when hanging decorative pieces. Command hooks easily come off when you want to change it up or move out without damaging the walls.

•Peel and Stick wall decals are perfect for when you want to add that special statement piece to your rented space. These come in a variety of patterns and quotes so you can choose which one fits your style. These also come off without damaging the paint or walls in your home.

•Temporary wallpaper is now available to those who rent. You can easily wallpaper your space to give it that personal touch. While it may appear to look like real wallpaper it is easier to put up and take off. Temporary wall paper comes in a variety of colors and patterns so you can choose which one fits your décor the best.

•Tapestries can make your space feel cozy and give your space that much needed statement piece. These are easily hung and can be taken down and folded up if you wish to change the style of your space.

•Bright floral pieces can be added to your space to give it that extra pop of color. There are a variety of DIY projects involving floral pieces that can easily be accomplished in one afternoon. Pick colors that coincide with your color scheme and add a pop of color to a dull area. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the items you already own in your home.

•Showcase the items you own by placing them on a bookshelf or a bar cart. These will add personal touches to your space and give it some personality. Don’t be afraid to display the pieces you love even if they are a little unconventional.

With the tips above and some creativity you can create the space you want to live in, even if it is a rental. Get the additional space you need to achieve your goal with a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette. Call us today to see what units we currently have available.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016 00:00

What Not to Put Into your Storage Unit

Having a self-storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO can be beneficial in more ways than one. You can trust our facility to keep your items safe and secure during their stay, as long as you follow the rules and avoid placing any of the following items in your unit.

Yourself and Family

It may seem tempting to live in a storage unit but you really would regret it in the long run. Not only do you lack the necessary amenities, but the law simply prohibits setting up a residence in a storage unit.


If you can’t live in a storage unit, neither can your pet. A storage unit does not provide the adequate living amenities for your pet to be comfortable. Storing pets in a storage unit falls under animal cruelty and you could be prosecuted.


Unless it is your goal to kill all of your living plants and create a rotting mess, please don’t store plants in a storage unit. Plants need sunlight, fresh air, and water to survive, all of which are not available in a storage unit. Plants will also attract unwanted guests that could cause damage to the items you are storing in your unit.

Firearms, Munitions, Gunpowder and Explosives

The restriction of storing these items is purely for the protection of you and others renting units next to yours. If one of these items is triggered and causes harm, you will be held accountable. Punishment for storing these items and having an accident occur usually results in spending time in a federal facility.


Perishable items can and will go bad after sitting in a space for a period of time. Storing food in a storage unit will attract unwanted guests. Rodents and insects are attracted to the smell of the food and will soon start making a home for themselves in your belongings causing extreme amounts of damage. That is why we don’t recommend storing food in your unit. The only exception to this rule is canned goods.

Hazardous Materials

The potential harm these materials can cause to your valuables, as well as those who are renting units around you is why we don’t want you to store hazardous materials or waste. This includes lead paint, asbestos, urea formaldehyde, polychlorinated biphenyl, petroleum, petroleum products and constituents, methane, medical waste, toxic substances and related materials.


Storage units are not equipped to keep your cash as safe as a bank could. We recommend talking to your local bank teller to ensure that all of your cash is kept out of harm’s way.

For more information regarding what you can and cannot store in your self-storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO, give us a call today.

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Some of our most beloved items find their way to a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette. To make sure your items are staying in the best shape possible you will want to consider renting a temperature controlled storage unit. Some items need the consistency a temperature controlled storage unit provides. Below is a list of just some of the items that need a consistency in temperature.

Wooden Furniture

If there is an excessive amount of moisture in the air, which is common in most humid climates, you want to ensure your wooden furniture is protected. Too much moisture can cause wooden furniture to warp and crack. A temperature controlled storage unit will keep the humidity and moisture out by maintaining the temperature of your unit, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Leather Furniture

Leather can often be tricky to maintain. Whether you are in a hot or cold climate, leather is susceptible to change in color and texture. In order to keep leather furniture like new the temperature of the storage unit must be maintained.

Special Collections

Special collections consist of collectables such as stamps, comic books, posters, coins, and even wine. All of these items are severely affected if there is an excessive change in the climate in which they are kept. Moisture will dampen, stain, and warp anything that is made of paper. Some metals are known for tarnishing in extreme temperature changes and when coming in contact with moisture. Wine needs to be maintained at a cool and regulative temperature to ensure the quality. It would be wise to do some research on your treasured items to ensure what environment would be best for it to be stored in.

Household and Electrical Appliances

Household appliances such as washers, dryers, fridges, ovens and microwaves all need to be in a temperature controlled unit. After ensuring that each is cleaned and dry, the appliance needs to be maintained at a controlled temperature to prevent rusting and deterioration. With a controlled temperature the electrical aspect of each appliance will be protected from moisture damage.


Artwork is often collected and passed down from generation to generation. To ensure the safety and quality of the artwork it is very important to store in a controlled climate. Extreme heat or cold can easily warp pieces of artwork. It is also important to have a controlled climate when storing art supplies. Protecting them from moisture and extreme heat will allow them to last a lifetime.

For more information regarding what items need the help of a temperature controlled storage unit, you may call or stop by our facility at Elite Storage in Lafayette. We will provide you with the information you need in protecting what you care about most.

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Monday, 21 November 2016 00:00

How to Clean out your Storage Unit

When the time comes for you to clean out your storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO you might have a hard time knowing where to start. To help you with the process we have gathered some tips for you to try in order to have a fast and easy clean out process.

Set a Deadline

A lot of times it is hard to find the motivation to clean out your unit. To help you when it comes to making a plan and holding yourself accountable, you will want to create a deadline. Make the deadline reasonable to accomplish and plan for any unexpected events that might occur before your set deadline. Creating a goal always helps you when it comes to completing a task.

Create Small Tasks

Trying to clean out your storage unit in one day is hard and stressful. Instead of trying to accomplish a lot in a little amount of time, break up your clean out process into small and manageable tasks over a period of time. This will make the process easier and stress free.

Avoid Throwing Items Away

As you are cleaning out your unit you may come across items you just don’t want or need anymore. Instead of just throwing it away you will want to try and find it another home. You can donate your items to your local Goodwill or even try and sell a few online. If the item is beyond repair then it is acceptable to toss it in the trash.

Avoid Storing in your Home

The whole point of your storage unit was to reduce the clutter in your home and give you the needed storage space. When cleaning out your unit you will want to avoid turning your home into a makeshift storage unit. Find a home for all the items you wish to keep and donate the rest.

Get Help

Trying to clean out your unit on your own can be difficult. If possible, enlist the help of your family and friends. Bribing them with treats always helps.

By following the tips above you are well on your way to successfully cleaning out your storage unit. If you change your mind or simply need a bigger unit, we at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO can help you in finding the perfect unit for all of your storage needs. Call or stop by our facility to learn more about our available units.

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Monday, 07 November 2016 00:00

Preparing your Garage for Winter

The winter winds are blowing in and bringing a few months’ worth of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures along with it. You will need to start making the necessary winter preparations in protecting your home from the harsh winter ahead. This is especially true for your garage. If you tend to store a lot of fragile or more temperature sensitive items in your garage, you might want to consider renting a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO. We can ensure the quality and safety of your items during the long winter months. For the items you need close at hand we have gathered some winter preparations tips for your garage to try.

Maintain your Weather-stripping

As you step into your garage you may feel a cold breeze drifting throughout the space. This means you may need to replace your weather-stripping. Often times weather-stripping can become cracked and brittle, making it not work as it is supposed to. Remove the existing weather-stripping thoroughly to create a flat and smooth surface. To apply the new weather stripping you will need to measure the accurate amount and then close the garage door and then align the weather stripping so that the rubber flap flattens slightly against the door.

Install Insulation

Most garages don’t come with the necessary insulation to keep the freezing temperatures from entering in and the heat from escaping out. To give your garage the protection it needs you can install insulation yourself. Make sure you purchase the right thickness of insulation and don’t forget to securely fasten it to the wall.

Fix-Up your Garage Door

To keep the cold air and moisture from coming in through your garage door you can install a variety of products including: foam board, reflective barriers, and fiberglass batt insulation. When installing these items make sure you take accurate measurements of your garage door. If this doesn’t work you may want to invest in a new door with insulation already included.

Taking the time to prepare you garage for winter could save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Just because it’s cold outside shouldn’t mean you have to avoid going into your garage all winter. Use the tips above and you can take full advantage of your garage space all year long. For the items that are much more delicate or you just don’t have the space for in your garage, you can trust Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO to provide you with a storage unit for all of the items you need to store. Call us today to learn about our current rates and units we have available.

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Monday, 24 October 2016 00:00

Storing your Electronics

When it comes to placing your electronics in a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette you will want to make sure you are taking all the necessary steps to protect them. Electronics can last years if you take proper care of them, this remains true even when they are placed out of the way in a storage unit. Below are some steps you should take in order to make sure you are storing your electronics correctly.

Preparing your Electronics

Many electronics such as computers, printers, and televisions, come with owner’s manuals or have owner’s manuals on a website for instruction pertaining to their use. These instructions can also recommend how to properly pack and store that specific item. Don’t forget to remove any CDs or DVDs from your electronics before unplugging. Moving these items while they are still in the DVD or CD player will cause damage to the CD or DVD and even the console itself.

Keeping Track of Necessary Pieces

Most electronics come with a variety of cords and often complicated connections. Take a picture of the connections and how they are supposed to be set up before you disassemble and pack up. This way you can save the hassle of trying to remember how exactly you got your electronics to work last time. Bundle all coordinating wires together and label them. Any small connections or parts can be stored together in plastic bag and then placed in the box with the rest of the accessories or taped to the outside of the box or container if you are lacking in space.

Packing your Electronics

If possible store the item in the box it originally came in. These boxes and packing supplies are made to specifically fit that particular electronic. If you had already tossed the box, you can always purchase the necessary packing supplies. Remember to purchase anti-static foam to place over the top of computer and TV screens. A filler must also be used inside of the box to make sure your electronics don’t move around in transit. Sealing the box tightly and accurately will help protect the item from any outside damage. Try to get the best moving boxes available or plastic totes big enough to store the electronics you want to keep safe.

Label Everything

Label your boxes and be as specific as possible. List all electronics and parts stored within that box. This will save you time when you go back to your storage unit to retrieve one specific item.

Place your packed electronics in the back of your storage unit and preferably off the floor. By purchases shelving or elevating the boxes on pallets or tarps can help protect your items from possible damage.

Storing the electronics in your home that you no longer use and that are taking up too much space is a great way to free up some much needed storage in your home. Call us at Elite Storage in Lafayette today to find out more about our storage units and how we can help you in keeping your valuables safe.

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Monday, 10 October 2016 00:00

Prepping your Home for a Baby

Preparing your home for a baby on the way is a big deal. You will want to make sure you are prepared for anything before the baby comes home so you can keep the clutter under control. Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO can provide you with a storage unit to hold the items you just don’t have room for anymore now that you have a little one on the way. We have also gathered some preparations you might want to consider doing before you little bundle of joy comes home.

Your Kitchen

A baby comes with a variety of accessories. All of these accessories don’t just end up in the nursery either. You will need to make room for a variety of bottles, spoons, and sippy cups for you little in your kitchen. Dedicate one cabinet or shelf to hold the majority of your babies eating accessories to make sure they don’t get lost in the jumble of adult dishware. You will also want to invest in a bottle drying rack to help you when it comes to cleaning large amounts of bottles. This will keep them in one designated area rather than cluttering your counters.

The Nursery

Your nursery should be the main hub of baby accessories. You will be expected to store large amounts of baby clothing, toys, and accessories in your nursery. Start off organized and contain clutter with labeled bins and plastic totes. Use every inch of storage space available when it comes to storing baby diapers, wipes, and medicines. The biggest area you want to focus your organization is the closet and dresser. Babies tend to outgrow their clothing within just a month or so. Make sure your organize all the clothing your receive by size as to not be stuck searching for a particular size when you need it most.

Living Areas

As your baby grows you will want to let them roll, crawl, and soon walk around the house. It is a good idea to prep your major living areas for your exploring baby. Store any breakable items or unnecessary furniture in a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO. Purchase baby gates and outlet protectors early so you can get used to using them as your child grows.

Prepping your home early for your little one will give you the peace of mind you need in the months ahead. We at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO can help you in all of your home organization needs by providing you with the storage unit you need for all of the items you just don’t have the room for anymore. Give us a call today for more helpful storage tips and the current storage units we have available.

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Friday, 16 September 2016 00:00

Benefits of Temperature Controlled Storage

Elite Storage in Lafayette is happy to provide you with temperature controlled storage units for your most treasured items. You may be wondering if you need a temperature controlled storage unit and how they can benefit you in regards to your storage needs. We want to let you in on all the benefits a temperature controlled storage unit can offer you.


Protection from Extreme Weather

The main benefit you will see when renting a temperature controlled storage unit is the protection it can offer all of your valuables against extreme weather. Our units will remain at a temperature that is appropriate for the well-being of all of your items. That means if it is scorching hot or freezing cold outside, your items won’t be affected. This is especially important when you are storing sensitive items such as wood furniture or musical instruments that have the potential to warp and bend with temperature changes.


Air Quality

One benefit that isn’t often recognized with a temperature controlled storage unit is its air quality. Temperature controlled storage units are created in a way to provide constant air flow. The air flow will prevent any dust or dirt from accumulating on your valuables. Your items will look as good as the day you placed them in storage no matter what the length of their stay is.


Peace of Mind

You can rest easy knowing you are giving your items the best in regards to storage. Your items will be protected from the elements, temperature changes, and even unwanted guests. Temperature controlled storage units are highly recommended when it comes to your family heirlooms and fragile valuables because of benefits that they offer.


If you are considering renting a temperature controlled storage unit from Elite Storage in Lafayette, you can stop by or give us a call today to learn more about the benefits these particular storage units offer.  We pride ourselves on providing you with the space you need to fit your budget and the number of items you need to store.

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Friday, 09 September 2016 00:00

How to Properly Drive a Moving Truck

Whether you are moving from home to home or just using a rental truck to place a large amount of your items in storage, you need to know how to properly drive a moving truck. Not taking the proper precautions could cost you a lot of money and cause damage to the items you are transporting. We at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO want to make sure you are driving safe on your way to one of our self-storage units or to your new home, so we have provided some driving procedures you should consider following.


Use your Mirrors

As with any car you want to constantly use your mirrors. Using your side-mirrors is especially important when driving a moving truck because you won’t have use of a rear-view mirror above the dash. Use your side mirrors to pay close attention to what and who is around you at all times. While driving on the road you will want to make sure you have leaving enough space between you and fellow drivers.


Use Caution while Stopping and Turning

You will want to take special care when driving a moving truck. Your driving will greatly affect how the items you stored in the truck will arrive. Don’t make any sudden stops or sharp turns, as this will cause your items to shift and fall. You could also cause damage to the people driving around you by taking a turn too sharp or stopping abruptly.


Plan your Trip

Nothing is worse than trying to drive a truck that you aren’t familiar with and getting lost. To avoid a lot of stress and potential of difficult driving situations you will want to plan out your trip. Find a route that will be easiest for you to navigate a truck in. It is also good to plan on driving at a time where traffic isn’t heavy.


Be Aware of your Truck’s Size

Driving a moving truck is a lot different compared to your everyday driver. You will want to take note of how tall and wide your moving truck is and prepare accordingly. Make sure there aren’t any low bridges or tight roadways that you will have to take on the way to your destination. You also want to give yourself enough room between you and fellow drivers on the road.


The use of a moving truck can be extremely helpful when moving a large number of items. Following the suggestions above will ensure your safety as well as the safety of all of your valuables you have in transit. We at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO can help you in the moving process or with your need of storage space with one of our self-storage units at our facility. Call us today to learn more about what we have to offer.

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