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Tuesday, 20 February 2018 00:00

How to Store Holiday Decorations

Now that the holiday season is over it is finally time to put away all of your decorations. In order to keep them in pristine shape for next year you will want to make sure you are storing your decorations properly. Placing them in a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette will ensure their safety and quality during their stay. Below we have gathered some preparation tips you can follow in order to properly store your holiday decorations.


Storing Linens

Before you store you holiday themed linens, such as tablecloths, blankets, tree skirts, etc. you will want to make sure they are clean. One way to store your holiday linens is in a suitcase, to keep away the risk of moisture damage. To keep away moths and keep your linen smelling wonderful, you can put one or two lavender scented dryer sheets between the linens.


Storing Artificial Trees

While it may seem like a good idea to continue storing your artificial tree in the box it came in, you may want to reconsider. Try a commercially available Christmas tree bag or Christmas tree box to protect your tree. There are also convenient tree bags with wheels, big and strong storage bags for large trees, and bag sets that split up the weight of the tree. This will protect your tree from moisture and unwanted guests.


Storing Ornaments

If you can, save the boxes that your ornaments came in. These are made specifically to hold each ornament so they won’t get damaged. If the box has already been tossed there is no need to worry. You can also store smaller ornaments in clean and dry egg cartons. Plastic ornaments that are not fragile may also be stored in plastic sandwich bags and tightly organized in a box or bag. Additionally, there are nifty containers and storage boxes available to neatly and securely store holiday ornaments in, which can help to especially protect fragile or glass decorations.


Storing Lights

When prepping your lights for storage you will want to take the time to make sure they don’t become tangled and broken mess for next year’s festivities. First, make sure to dispose of any lights that have been damaged or are not working properly. Then, you can wrap holiday lights around coffee cans, cardboard pieces, Pringles cans, or even a handy-dandy hanger. Conveniently package these in a large box, bag, or container for the next year.


Placing all of your holiday decorations in a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette allows you to save the storage space you need in your home. Call us today to learn more about our facility and the units we have to offer.


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Tuesday, 06 February 2018 00:00

How to Successfully Divide Household Chores

Trying to accomplish all of the household chores that need to be done on a regular basis by yourself is a daunting task. Especially if you are looking after and taking care of your spouse and kids. We at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO love to help you in making your home clean and organized with our helpful storage tips and of course a storage unit at our facility. Below are just some of the ways you could go about dividing the household chores in your family to ease your burden.


You Can’t Split Chores 50/50 in a Marriage

As we start trying to quantify things we open ourselves up for fighting about who is and who isn’t doing their share of the work. Instead you and your spouse should be willing to help out around the house 100 percent of the time. If you see something that needs to be done, take a few minutes out of your day and get it done. You can even divide particular tasks as to what you are good at. The key is communication and a good attitude.


Teach How to do Every Chore Properly

When you get your family involved in the household chores you want to make sure that everyone knows how to do every chore properly. This is a great time to teach your kids the fundamentals and give them a sense of responsibility. Once they know how to do each chore properly you can then assign them to do a variety of different tasks each day. This way no one is stuck doing the dishes or cleaning toilets every day of the week.


Create a System

If you do assign chores or tasks at home, remember that people tend to complete them better to a system. Keep the chart on the fridge or in your home’s command center, and then make sure they get done by a specific date. Having a visible list is all the motivation that some people need. Some need extra motivation such as longer play times or even a random treat for completing all of their tasks.


To help your family in getting the hang of daily household chores and staying on top of their tasks it is wise to start with a clean and organized home. If you find you just don’t have the storage space you need to get your home to this point, you can trust Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO to provide you with the perfect storage unit. Call us today to see which of our units are available.


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Tuesday, 16 January 2018 00:00

How to Organize your Small Home

As you may have noticed, there has been an increased interest in tiny house living and small homes. This is widely due to the costs of living increasing and realizing we don’t need large amounts of space to feel comfortable in your own home. What you do need is to stay organized and keep the items that you just don’t need every day in a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO. We have provided you with some helpful ideas to get you through the process of organizing your small home.


Purge and Declutter Often

The key to staying organized in a small home is to purge and declutter often. We tend to accumulate a lot of stuff as the year goes on, which means less available space in your small home. Make it a habit to go through your items and donate or store what you just aren’t using. A good example of this is rotating seasonal clothing and décor. As you a purging and sorting through your items you will want to get into the system of sorting them into stuff you want to keep, store, donate, or toss. This gives you a visual representation of how much you are keeping and how much space you are opening up in your small living space.


Separate Rooms into Zones

Smaller homes don’t usually give you the separation of rooms with walls and long hallways. You are usually given an open concept living space that contains your living and dining room all in one area. To help you in distinguishing your living room from your dining room and kitchen you can create zones. Using storage carts and strategically placed rugs will help to give you an idea of what goes where and the separation.


Get Items off of the Floor

Small homes equal small floor space. To keep your home feeling clean and organized you will want to keep as many items up off of the floor as possible. Bookshelves, shelves, and hanging organizers are a great way to accomplish this. Use any available wall space to keep your items organized and away from foot traffic.


Living in a smaller home doesn’t need to be a hassle. With a good organizational plan and some diligence when it comes to decluttering you can have a comfortable and functional home. To help you accomplish this task make sure you check into renting one of our many storage units at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO. Call or stop by our facility today to learn more.

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Tuesday, 02 January 2018 00:00

Items Needing Storage this Winter

The cold winter months are well upon us and won’t be going away any time soon. It is important to know what items you have in your home or out in your garage/shed need a proper storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO. Listed below are some of the items you should consider placing in a storage unit at our facility. We even have the option of temperature controlled units to protect your fragile items.


During the cold winter months there are a variety of items in your home that you won’t be using for some time. Instead of having them take up much needed storage space, you can easily place them in a storage unit. Listed below are the items you might want to consider placing in your unit for the next few months.


  • Summer clothing – In a small living space, it can make a big difference to put out-of-season clothing in a storage unit.
  • Lawn equipment – While it may be okay to leave this equipment outside during the summer, the winter is an entirely different story.
  • Recreational gear – Put away sporting equipment, such as skateboards, hiking boots, and life jackets, until the warm weather returns.
  • Small engine vehicles – You won’t be riding your motorcycle or ATV for a while, so put them away in storage to gain more space at home.


Some items you have in your home are more fragile than others and can easily be damaged if they are exposed to cold weather. If you just can’t seem to find a place to keep them in your home then you should consider renting a temperature controlled storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO. Items that are easily damaged in winter conditions are as follows;

  • Electronics
  • Battery-operated items
  • Items that include liquid


Fluctuating temperatures can create condensation inside electronics, causing irreparable damage. Likewise, anything that has liquid in it already can crack due to expansion from freezing. This is especially true of battery cells, including those for cars, mowers, and other small engines, which can crack when frozen.


Call our stop by our facility today to learn about the storage units we have available and which one would best suite your storage needs.

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Tuesday, 19 December 2017 18:39

Items that Need Temperature Controlled Storage

You may not know it, but there are some items that you are planning to place in storage that need special care and a temperature controlled storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette. Listed below are some of the items that need temperature controlled storage to ensure their integrity during their stay.


Wooden Furniture

When exposed to too much moisture over time, wood can crack, warp, or rot. For anyone storing wooden furniture like bed frames, tables and chairs, end tables, nightstands, dressers, entertainment centers, and more, this makes having temperature-controlled storage absolutely necessary. Having a temperature controlled storage unit can help you in controlling the humidity of the unit by keeping a constant and regulated temperature at all times.


Household Appliances

Washers and dryers, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators all need climate-controlled storage in regions that experience extreme heat or cold. That’s because climate control protects electronic and mechanical parts from cracking and rust that could cause permanent damage. A temperature controlled storage unit can help in preventing the build-up on mildew.


Your Prized Collections

If you are an avid collector of coins, stamps, comic books, etc. you will want to make sure you are taking all the necessary steps to make sure your collections lasts throughout the years. Storing these items in a temperature controlled storage unit is a must. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can damage collector items.



If you are planning to store your clothing for an extended amount of time you really should consider storing them in a temperature controlled storage unit. This will keep your clothing in the best shape possible and prevent the growth of mold or mildew. Take that extra step of protection by storing your clothing in plastic bins.


Temperature controlled storage is very beneficial when you care about the quality of your items. For more information regarding temperature controlled storage make sure you give Elite Storage in Lafayette a call today!

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Tuesday, 05 December 2017 18:37

How to Properly Store your Tires

If you are like most commuters, you will be swapping out your standard road tires for some snow tires on your vehicle this winter. Now you are faced with the task of what to do with your standard tires over the next few months. A storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette is the perfect solution. We have gathered some storage tips for you to try when it comes to keeping your vehicles tires safe throughout the cold winter months.


Clean them Thoroughly

You probably never thought about actually cleaning your vehicles tires before placing them in storage. During normal use, tires accumulate brake dust, dirt, and road grime, and all that gunk can cause tire damage if it sits on your tires for a long time. Use soap, water, and a tire brush to clean your tires. If the tires are still mounted on the rims, it’s also a good time to clean the wheels. Make sure you dry your tires and wheels completely before leaving them in your storage unit.


Protect with Air Tight Bags

Once your tires are clean and dry, put them into large, dark, airtight plastic bags like lawn and garden bags. Try to remove as much air from the bags as possible before sealing them securely with tape. This will help prevent the lubricating oil within the tire compounds from evaporating and ensuring their quality.


Store them Upright and/or Hanging

The best way to store tires is standing upright – it puts less stress on the tires. If you have to stack your tires, try not to stack them too high. However, if your tires are mounted on the rims, you should store them stacked, not upright. If your tires are mounted on the rims, hanging them from hooks is a great storage option. But unmounted tires should never be hung.


Proper Storage Conditions

When it’s time to put your tires away, make sure you store them in a cool, dry place like the storage units at Elite Storage in Lafayette. Keeping them away from the harsh elements will ensure their quality for longer.


Now that you have some proper storage techniques you can easily store your tires this winter season until the weather clears up again. For more information regarding Elite Storage in Lafayette make sure you check out our website.

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017 00:00

Safety Proofing your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching which means you need to make some preparations to your home for all of your friends and family. An important concept to think about is there safety. Winter weather can add a lot of hazards in your home. So taking the necessary steps to safety proof every aspect of your home before the holidays is wise. We at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO have gathered some safety tips for you to implement in your home this holiday season.


Clean your Cooking Appliances

With the amount of food you will be cooking this holiday season you will want to make sure your appliances are clean and ready to go. Thoroughly wipe out the interiors and your microwave and oven. Take out and clean anything you can. Make sure air vents are clean from dust and food debris. While you are at it you will also want to take a good look at your fridge. Clear some space for the food you will need this holiday season. Clean the shelving, tighten the screws on the door, and clear blocked freezer vents.


Make your Home Slip and Fall Proof

Fix loose treads on exterior steps, loose deck boards or loose pavers on front walkways. Take care of all other tripping/falling hazards while you're at it, like using double-sided tape to stick down slippery rugs. Tighten the mounting screws on loose handrails. Buy salt to clear walkways and the driveway.


Child-Proof your Home

Some of your guests are bound to bring younger children. You will want to make sure your house is safe enough for the little ones to roam around without getting hurt. Invest in electrical outlet covers and cupboard locks. Make sure fragile items are stored up and out of the way. It is also a good idea to bolt bookcases and dressers to your walls.


Prepare the Toilet

This is often one aspect that isn’t thought of when preparing your home for the holidays. Your toilet is going to be getting a lot of use with the amount of guests you are going to have in your home. Make sure your toilet is clean and working properly. Fix any leaks or wobbles you might find.


Preparing your home for the holidays is a must. To help you with the process we at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO can provide you with the storage space you need in order to make room for all of your guests. Call us today to learn more about our facility.

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The winter weather is well upon us and so is the need to prep your storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO. You will want to make sure your items are packed and prepared properly for the drastic change in temperature and weather, so we have provided you with some tips for when it comes to preparing your storage unit this winter.


Protect your Temperature Sensitive Items

While the temperature may not fluctuate tremendously during the winter, it’s important to prepare temperature-sensitive items, such as art, musical instruments, and paper documents, for colder temperatures and the eventual change in weather that comes in the spring. You will want to make sure these item in particular have been properly packed and insulated. It is even worth the effort of going and checking on these items throughout this winter.


Buy Water Tight Bins

Using water-tight plastic bins helps protect the contents within and doesn’t create waste. While cardboard boxes can normally be reused again, that option dissipates when the boxes become wet. Plastic bins help prevent water damage and can be used repeatedly over time. They are known to provide the best protection no matter what item you are storing within.


Cover your Furniture

Covers can help protect wood furniture from the effects of drastic temperature changes. Using furniture covers, sheets, or blankets can help prevent low temperatures from having a negative effect on the wood. Also, consider using waterproof covers and tarps to protect furniture from moisture due to extreme winter weather. Try to mount your furniture up of the floor of your storage unit as well with the use of pallets or tarps.


The winter months are harsh when it comes to your belongings. With the help of our storage units at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO and the proper packing tips listed above you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe this season. Call or stop by our facility today to learn more about our units.

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As the cost of living rises, we find ourselves in smaller and smaller living spaces. This doesn’t have to be a terrible thing. With a little imagination and some help of a storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO you can still have an amazing home in a small living situation. Check out the tips below to help you through the process.


Designate Your Areas

One of the first tips is to create defined areas of living space. This might seem like a difficult task, but in reality it can be easier than it sounds. Consider using area rugs, for example, to help you transition from a living room to a dining room. The rugs will help you define those areas without the need for bulky dividers or actual walls. You can also use strategically placed furniture to help keep different living areas separate.


Be Flexible

What happens if your space is too small for even the above tip? In these instances, my living room often doubled as the dining room and office. This is especially true in studio apartments or dorm rooms, which are known to be tiny. In order to help make the most of the space you do have, consider investing in furniture that has more than one use.


Make Smart Use of Storage


When you’re living in a small space, you don’t really have the luxury of investing in big, standalone pieces of furniture. Instead, you should be selecting items that have hidden storage in them, and that goes for your couch, your ottoman, or your desk. You need that sleek storage to help keep your space tidy and give the illusion of space.


Think Up

To help you in maximizing your spaces potential you will want to think up. Use as much of the available wall space as possible for storage purposes. Installing shelving or even hooks to hold a variety of object up and off the floor can give you more room to work with.


For more storage tips and tricks make sure you stop by Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO or check out our website for more information.

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As the winter months are upon us now is the time to get our winter clothing out of our storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette and organize it in our home. Winter clothing is known to take up a lot of space. That is why you need to organize your clothing while maximizing the available space to make it work throughout the winter season. Follow the tips and tricks below to help you get started.


Empty, Sort, and Organize

Winter coats often take up a lot of space. Before bringing out your winter wardrobe, take the time to empty out a closet completely to make room for all of your winter clothing necessities. You will be surprised at just how much stuff you had managed to pack into your closet. Determine what items you currently store in your closet can be relocated to another place in your home or even placed in your storage unit at Elite Storage in Lafayette. If closet space is available start sorting your winter attire. Take out what you know you will use most often and put them where they can easily be accessed. It is also smart to be picky in deciding what winter attire you will be using this season. Most people purchase a large of amount of clothing they don’t actually wear. You can either store your excess clothing or donate them to those who are in need.

Maximize Your Available Space

By purchasing a coat rack or coat hooks you can maximize the space you have in your home. Often times the space behind entry doors or hallways is left empty. You can easily utilize this space and create an organized storage space for all of your winter accessories. Hanging your coats can allow them to dry out during the wet winter months without ruining your clothing or the rest of the house.


Get Creative

The key to having a clean and organized closet is to get creative with storage. Hide all of your winter accessories in decorative bins. Add hooks to the walls of your bedroom for scarves. You can even get the help of a portable closet to store those extra winter coats and snow pants.

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