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Getting your RV Organized

Written by  Tuesday, 22 August 2017 00:00
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If you are one of the many taking your RV out for your summer adventures you will want to make sure it is organized. Trying to travel in a cluttered mess can ruin any vacation. Listed below are some tips you can use when it comes to getting your RV organized.


Properly Storing Toiletries

Keep all toiletries such as, deodorants, shampoos, and lotions in plastic containers. This will help keep all your bathroom essentials together while protecting your RV from spills. Make sure to keep your plastic container of toiletries close to the bathroom in your RV so it is easier to find.


Save on Kitchen space

By eating with paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery you can increase the amount of cabinet space available in your RV. Many standard plates and bowls take up too much space and have the risk of breaking while on the road. Bring only what is necessary when it comes to kitchen utensils.


Cleaning Supplies Storage

For large cleaning items, such as brooms and mops, it may be difficult to find a place to store them safely. Many RVs offer storage space in the places you would least expect. Check to see if your RV has storage under the couch. This is the perfect place to store items such as a broom or mop.


Keep up with the Dusting

Being on the road or in storage for a long period of time can often cause your RV to get dusty. In order to protect your valuables and electronics that are in your RV, regular dusting is recommended.


Clothing Storage

Because RV space is so limited, it is important to think about clothing storage. Make sure to bring additional plastic bins to store dirty and clean clothes in. Often time you won’t want to use public laundry facilities so having a place to store dirty clothes is a must. It is also important to remember to not pack your whole wardrobe. Only bring clothes that are necessary and practical for your trip.


Tidy up often

In order to enjoy your RV, maintaining cleanliness is a must. Making sure the bathrooms are clean and well ventilated will keep your RV feeling fresh. This is also true with the bedroom and kitchen as well. Before placing you RV in storage at Lake Havasu Superior Storage, take the extra effort to clean all amenities. Having a clean RV before the start of your trip will save you that much more time and effort.


When your RV traveling days are over you can then prep it for storage and place it at Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO. We have a unit that can hold all of your storage needs. For more information on the sizes available in our units you can give us a call today.

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