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How to Organize a Dorm Room

Written by  Tuesday, 06 June 2017 00:00
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Congratulations! You have just been accepted to the college of your dreams and are now making the preparations to move out and get the full college experience. If you are like most college students you will be staying in your college dorms. Dorm rooms are known to be small and lacking in storage space. We at Elite Storage in Lafyette, CO can help you in storing some of the items you won’t be bringing with you in a self-storage unit. When it comes to everything you will be taking, you can use the tips below to get the most out of your new dorm room.


Add Floor Space

Dorm rooms are limited when it comes to square footage. You can make more floor space available to you by using bed risers. Bed risers create enough room under your bed to store totes that can carry extra school supplies, clothing, and accessories. Bed risers can easily be purchased at most home goods stores.

Removable Wall Storage

Most dorm rooms come with a bed, desk, and a dresser. This doesn’t give you a lot to work with when it comes to storage. Removable wall storage can help you organize your smaller accessories. Stick on Pods are made to hold small things like make-up and toiletries. You can easily put these on the inside of bathroom cabinets or next to your vanity. Command Hooks are perfect for hanging anything from clothing accessories to wall art.

Hidden Storage

The trick to keeping your dorm room organized is to have a variety of hidden storage options. Over-the-door organizers are a great solution when it comes to storing the smaller accessories you need in your dorm room. Ottomans are great for lounging and storing extra blankets or larger accessories within them.

Dresser Organization

Most dorm rooms only give you a small dresser to fit the majority of your clothing in. Don’t let your clothing storage situation get out of hand. Making your own or buying drawer dividers are a great way to organize all of the clothing you plan on storing in your dresser.


When the time comes to move into your dorm room remember to bring only the necessities and use the tips above to help you in organizing what you will be bringing. For the items you are leaving behind you can trust Elite Storage in Lafayette, CO to provide you with a self-storage unit to keep everything safe while you are away. Call us today to learn more about the units we currently have available.

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