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The Advantages of Temperature Controlled Self-Storage Units

Written by  Friday, 30 March 2012 07:30
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Do you require a temperature controlled storage rental unit in Lafayette, CO? One of the primary issues regarding placing household objects inside a self storage rental unit is what type of condition your items will be in when it is time to retrieve them. As early as the1990s, an increasing number of self storage units are becoming outfitted with a new idea, particularly temperature controlled storage units. Naturally, a considerable amount of household belongings do not need temperature controlled storage attention, but there are lots of objects that do.
Weather will differ from one portion of the place to another, from excessive humidity to excessive dryness. These weather conditions can ruin certain belongings in Lafayette, CO. The main problem of storing items is what is known as "biological contaminants." Below are the five primary contaminants that can find their way straight into a self storage unit and damage personal items:
•    dust mites
•    bacteria
•    viruses
•    mildew
•    mold
Keeping your belongings in a temperature controlled storage unit in Lafayette, CO will prevent these from causing, along with other harmful factors such as future health concerns, wood degradation, musty odors, and paper rot. The additional cost of reserving one of these storage units is definitely worth every penny later on. Here is a list of household belongings that are typically temperature-sensitive and susceptible to damage.
Paper Items, Paintings, Artwork, and Books - Something that is made from paper can give in to paper rot if exposed to constant humidity. Pages will stick together and even curl up, plus the print will possibly "bleed" on the page. And if a painting or the pages get covered in mold and mildew, they will all be damaged.
Fabric and Clothing - Fabric doesn't do well when in contact with mold and mildew, and if subjected to moisture, it can become coated in mold and mildew. Keep them placed in a warm, dry temperature and they will thank you for it and serve you for a lot longer. In addition, ensure that whatever garments you store in size boxes are completely free of moisture.
Electronics - Mainly because electronics are extremely responsive to moisture, they require a temperature controlled storage unit. The most effective way to destroy a form of electronic device is to let moisture get into it. Individuals that reside in seaside locations, the Midwest, and the Deep South are specifically subject to extremely humid temperatures. With electronic devices, they should be shielded against extreme cold and moisture. With this in mind, being able to store these types of items in a unit that is both warm and dry is an excellent idea.
Wood Furniture and Upholstered Items - Extreme changes in temperature do more harm to wood furniture and upholstered items than you can think of. Antiques are particularly vulnerable to damage from excessive moisture or dryness. The wood will start to rot and the molds and mildew will buildup in the antique. Mold and mildew have a discoloration result and can damage wooden furniture or upholstered items. It can also result to serious health concerns as well. If the self storage unit is too wet or too dry, wood can warp or crack, damaging your wooden furniture. Asthma attacks and allergic reactions are easily induced by mold and mildew as those that aim for the human respiratory system.
The main point here is that if you wish any of these kinds of belongings making it through self storage, you may want to think about the long term savings by shelling out extra money on a temperature controlled storage unit in Lafayette, CO.

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